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Video overview of DIY for beginners


Created a video last night going over some general information to help get you started in DIY and also mix up a batch of strawberry cheesecake by volume. Before you ask, yes mixing by weight is a better choice which I also cover but many want to give it a try before they spend the money on a good scale.

If you still need more info be sure to check out this awesome resource.


When I started, I spend about ÂŁ10 on syringes, not to mention all the cleaning liquids needed and my time
I quickly ordered an £8 scale to replace the syringes…

Can’t say money is a good reason to use syringes :wink:


Very valid point @Suomynona. You still using your 8£ scale or did you upgrade to the cost to $50 scale? Mixing large batches but still need accuracy down to the hundredth isn’t normally available on the cheap pocket scales. This of course isn’t to discredit your point by any means, am just curious. Even said in the video I fully expected and anticipated getting called out for not mixing by weight :smile:


Yep, still not upgraded and i know many mixers use scales like this.
Of course it only does 500g so I assume it could do a 300ml. Otherwise, mixing 2x 150ml will still be faster than messing with syringes.

In any case, I wouldn’t recommend beginners to mix up 300ml. 30ml to 120ml for regular liquids, 10-30ml for testers.


I didn’t call you out for mixing by weight, just the reason your giving. Some actually prefer to mix by volume and that’s fine. Better to use syringes than drops!

My main reasons are ease of use, I hate doing dishes after mixing and risking contamination (even water drops in my flavors)


Ty for vid


Well said. I still haven’t made that transition but I have every intention to sooner than later. Thanks for the input

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I would agree and do feel like I should have been more direct on that part as I don’t believe I really addressed that at all

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I don’t understand your thinking here - beginners can find a recipe they like and mix a big batch just like anyone else not sure of a reason that they shouldn’t?

Not trying to be argumentative just don’t understand the reasoning.


The bigger the batch the more room for error and the more potential throw away would be my logic there. First couple of batches you want to find one you like and get it fine tuned. And step up from there to a 120 then possibly a 300 if you know that’s what you want. Beginners are also not generally gonna have a backlog steeping already and may be disappointed if they mix up a 300 and have to wait a month for it.


I have been mixing for a year, and I am not quite a beginner anymore. My sweet spot for volume is 30ml of a recipe I like.

I use oval pet bottles after my ldpe unicorn started leaking one by one.

Different kit/volume might find a different sweet spot

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Not suggesting the first mix of an untried recipe should be 300ml but I would argue that should a beginner find a mix that they really like and have tested after steeping the fact that they have not got a backlog of mixes would be a good reason to mix a large batch month steep time or not.

As far as mistakes well my thoughts are opposed slightly yours on that as well in that an error in a small mix is much more noticeable than that same error in a large mix, unless the error was grabbing an incorrect concentrate which I will admit to doing on a 1 lt mix. I was lucky it gave me another recipe as it turned out really nice :rofl: . I do agree there would be less wastage if you had to tip a small mix.

I guess what I am saying really is that I don’t think that advice to not mix a large tested batch is valid for a beginner or anyone else. This obviously is just my opinion.


You bring up very valid points and I think that’s why we are all in DIY. Do what you like and what you are comfortable with


Sure, if it’s tested and tried, you know the juice is not going to fade and you’re not getting vapors tongue from it, go right ahead and mix however much you like. But beginning with 300ml mixes and then finding out that 5 star recipe is not what you like to vape, that’s a painful beginners mistake


Especially being beginners aren’t normally buying large batches of flavors and base. Luckily I’m pretty sure I did call out 10ml & 30ml as tester batches but further call out for consideration never hurts.


I totally agree.