Videogame, movies or books inspired recipes?

Okiedokie, as I previously stated I am a total newbie. But thanks to your advice, I learnt the basics, which is incredible! You were all so nice to me and I’m sending you a huge virtual hug.
Now: let’s talk about the title of my topic. I’m a nerd. A total nerd. Vidya, books, movies, comics. I’m sooo into that stuff. And a thought crossed my mind. About two years ago, KH3 was about to be released: here in Italy we host a huge Comicon in Lucca and they were giving out Sea Salt Ice creams for free. The taste was amazing, it’s still stuck right in my brain.
I told you this anecdote because I was wondering: have you ever tried mixing a nerdy juice? Something that resembled a food really existing in a game or something that just evoked that feeling? Perhaps, “Slytherin” or idk? I’m so sorry, I’m probably rambling, but I’d like to hear more from you about this topic.


While not quite fitting in the “nerdy” genre, I’ve got a recipe I’ve been working on that was inspired by my experience going through the Camp Fire back in 2018. It was a recipe I’d started before the fire completely stopped progress, but now that I’m back home I really want to get back to mixing it and perfecting the mix to share with some of the greatest people in the world.


Because it’s something I treasure. Inspiration comes from so many unique places. It’s wondrous when from the maelstrom comes order! There’s beauty in chaos. Think about it- from all of the overwhelming senses you took in that day, you chose a flavor to represent the experience. How cool is that?

Sorry for getting in the weeds- guess what I’m trying to say is that creating things from what moves you is a wonderful part of the human experience. Labels not needed (at least I don’t believe so) so go out and create! :grin:






Music inspired recipe in my rotation :sunglasses:


@Rocky02852 I like your juice motto: Live fast, die old.


If you like the hobbit… and you remember the bread hobbits like…

Lembas bread! It can be used as a solo… from .8% up to 1.2% or…