Vienna Cream

I would NOT do the uncapped idea. Allowing your juice to be exposed to air, for any amount of time, results in an oxidation process affecting both the nic and the flavors. Similar processes happen when using heat (crockpots etc) to speed up the aging. Uncapped is only required for letting the alcohol evaporate in flavors that use it instead of PG. Lower your percentages and you’ll be fine.

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let us know how it turns out. i’m really curious being a peach fan myself. btw, mixing juicy peach with 2.5% of both tfa ripe strawberry and cap sweet strawberry is a winner.

I would love a good Cream vape. The ones I’ve tried to create were terrible. I gave up long ago. Could you share a couple of your favorites? That would be awesome!
Thanks :yum:

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TOC’S Sweet Almond Milk :

0.25% Acetyl Pryazine TFA
0.25% Bourbon (Vanilla Bourbon) (FA)
1% Cream Fresh (FA)
3% Marzipan (FA)
1% Meringue (FA)
1% Vienna Cream (FA)

Flavor total: 6.51%

This is one of my favorite creams