Vietnam Veteran needs some help

ELR family call to action

This is something I normally do not do so trust me when I tell you this is coming from the heart.

I ran across a YouTube video today and truly felt the need to help spread this story.

This has nothing to do with vaping at all but if you believe in supporting Veterans that are doing something positive to assist other Veterans please take the time to at least check this story out.

YouTube video

Link to video from ABC News 6 Philadelphia’s story

Link to the Go Fund Me page


Thank you for posting this, because a lot of people seem to forget.

My father in law was a veteran, he passed 2 years ago, but he was very active in volunteering at the VA.

As I moved to the U.S. I asked him if I could go with him and see what it’s all about. I loved it there, people were friendly and welcoming, but I noticed right away that help is needed.

Sure I understand it’s different in comparison to the soldiers still on duty and out there risking his/her life’s on a daily basis, but to me there’s no difference at all.

Anyways we started leather working classes, all free of charge and I even visited them outside of the classes.

As my father in law passed, I felt it’s my duty to continue this, I still visit them and have gotten close with the soldiers that smoke but want to vape, or vape but can’t make it work.

I take my commercial as well as diy juices over to the VA, my unused vaping gear and every 3 month we even ship out care packages to the men and women still deployed.

I’m not writing this to get a sticker, in fact I don’t normally mention it, but I wanted to show that all veterans need some support and everyone can help, maybe not just with donating to a fund me page, but with just small things, like visiting your local VA and ask if they need some help, or in situations as posted by the OP, that is not vape related at all, but can be a much bigger support.


That’s very touching !! And very kind of you. If I type anymore I get a lump in my throat. Thank you ,Thank you !!!


Oorah @wvsanta. A little embarrassed here, as he’s local to me, and I didn’t know about him. I’m going to make some calls here about this. Thank you wv.


Your welcome .

No truer statement has ever been written.

Also a heartfelt THANK YOU for what you do. I am sure it means a lot to many.

I totally agree.

Thanks and do keep us posted if you find out more.