View "What can I make" with less specificity?

I am just curious if there is a way to see what I can make without being so specific.
Maybe an option to show close matches with my flavor stash?
I just think that I may be missing out on some fine recipes, simply because it’s creator named an ingredient slightly different, or because I am missing one simple ingredient by another manufacturer, that could easily be substituted (at least until I place an order).

I think I may have seen this touched on here, but have since lost it.

Thanks in advance, and thanks for this great resource.

After you click on “What Can I Make” click the box that says “Search by Flavor Stash”. This brings up a page with all of your flavors with little boxes next to them. You can pick which flavors you’re thinking of using and t’ll show you all the recipes with those flavors. Then if they’re using for example, two ingredients that you do have and three that you don’t, you maybe have similar flavors you can sub.

If I don’t have an oimngredient I try and come as close as I can of so!meome puts whipped cream I use sweet cream or if they use fa !marshmallow and oi only have tfa marshmallow I just double the amount because tfa marshmallow is not as strong as fa marshmallow. Use your best judgement and adsapt the recipes to what ypou have available and I bet 8 times out of ten you will be pretty close

To get more receipes in the search, I think you need to add flavors you don’t currently have in flavor stash. Like if you have TPA Sweet Cream then add both FW, CAP and others as well. Same goes for flavors you can sub - add it to your stash.

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I actually had considered exactly what you recommend @anon60225325. Seemed like a bit of work, though, when compared to asking for that magic button. Haha.
Yours is probably the best way to go.
Thank you, and thanks all. :]

Also remember to add any v2 of your flavours :wink:

I swap the manufacturer all the time. (I wouldn’t make liquid most of the time if I didn’t because I’m usually out of something)

When I’m not sure about how much I should change the amount to use with a different manufacturer I just check:

Resources/Flavor List and type the name of the stuff I have and use the Median mixing quantity. 98% of the time I get a pretty good liquid.


except the chocolate fudge brownie V2 because it smells like a urinal