Visit to the shop eneded up buying this and 2 pairs of shoes

Went to town today as usual to take the kids dancing, me and the mrs did a little shopping :slight_smile: i treated her to 2 pairs of shoes then said i am buttering you up because i wanna go to the vape shop lol went down a treat.

Ended up buying a Castigador box mod with 2x lg batts for £40 which wasnt bad as he had it up for 55
Tell you what its a lovely box goes well with the velocity dripper
I am happy and the mrs is too its been a good day lol


Just got that atomizer myself; lots of building room and love the deck posts! :wink:

…nice box as well!


Awesome lil box and I’m diggin the Mrs.‘s new kicks ! What can I buy my fiance’ today hmmm


Yeah defo tons of room in the deck the inly thing i dont like is the grub screws being an allen key instead of a screwdriver


Know what you mean about the Allen key thing…but, I have a few tank attys that have Allen screws, so I’m starting to get quite the collection! :smirk:

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