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Vitamin B12


I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with vaping B12? Has anyone added it to their own recipes? If so what are you using? Is it only available from prepackaged e-cigarettes? Is it a complete waste of time? Thanks

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B12 is in just about anything, why would you feel the need to vape it?


I don’t really feel the need. Just curious because I keep seeing it pop up and there are to many articles out there that just confuse the topic more. There are people with a B12 deficiency that get prescribed B12 and it is a natural energy booster. There are a lot of products out there in many forms but absorbing it is tricky. So I was just looking for personal experiences

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B12 is common in animal products. With the rise of vegetarianism and veganism, I can believe there are plenty people with a deficiency nowadays. But you can get it from soy based milk or soy meat alternatives and stuff as well.
Just don’t look at vaping or smoking as a source of getting your vitamins… look into getting a healthier diet instead.


Vaping vitamines is a big hoax to separate people from their money :rage:
Vitamine molecules are too large to be absorbed by the lungs. You might get a tiny bit through the mouth but that’s negligible.
If you have a vitamine deficiency, just take the pills.


B12 is available in two forms for supplement, you want methylcobalmin. Vaping it would be a waste of time I’d think, and it is to the best of my knowledge only water soluble. No idea what it would do to the lung, it might be dangerous.
Have a pill if you need, vape something nice before/after