Viva Kita Solo2 Starter kit review by Mjag..The Chameleon with Flava!

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Viva Kita Solo2 Starter Kit Includes

You get the mod with integrated tank for a true AIO kit, (2) 129A 0.25 ohm kanthal coils, USB cable, owners manual, QC check and an instruction on priming your coils.


  • 24.5mm wide, 121mm tall
  • 3000mah battery
  • Low Voltage protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Over charging protection
  • Passthrough charging
  • Wattage range Low: 30W, Medium: 40W, High: 50W
  • 10 minute Auto-Lock protection
  • 4ml capacity

First impressions

Right out of the box I thought the kit looked sharp and well built. The Chameleon (Rainbow) finish was tastefully done and not a flaw on it.

The air flow is not adjustable which may be a con to some, not for the MTL crowd but similar airflow to the original Crown tank or earlier sub ohm tanks.

I really liked that they included a guide right next to the power button showing that White is High, Blue is Medium and Red is Low, really I thought it would make sense for Red to be High but it is not that big of a deal.

The top cap is delrin and threads onto the top metal threading, not the biggest fan of threading delrin onto metal but in the more than 2 weeks with it and multiple refills it hasn’t been a problem.

The drip tip is a standard 510 size so you can use your own drip tips which is a nice touch for an AIO kit.

The standard drip tip that is included has a V shape to it and is comfortable to use, really the only reason to replace it would be for style, in use it works well and is what I used for nearly all my evaluation time.

So how is it to use?

Since it uses the same coils as the Vaptio C-II I just reviewed here: Vaptio C-II Starter Kit review by Mjag…flavorlicious! I was sure I was going to get a nice and flavorful vape and it sure did deliver. The flavor this tank puts out is just really good, no complaints there. You get a nice dense cloud as well, not super high powered cloud bro but very satisfying. Did I say flavor? Yes but I have to say it again, these coils put out some excellent flavor, you will not be disappointed. The coils also last a long time, I have been using the same one for 2 weeks already and it is still going strong.

At the low setting which puts out 30 watts it was good but can be a little spitty at times depending on the juice used. At the Medium setting, 40 watts, it got much better and less spitting, kept it here for a few tanks to break the coil in a little. The High setting, 50 watts, was where I liked it best for a little warmer vape. It is easy to change the power level as well, just 3 clicks and the LED around the fire button changes to the color to show you the range your at.

There is a rubber flap to stop leaking in case you tip the mod over when filling. I didn’t find it necessary to use as it can be tough with glass droppers. I removed mine after the 3rd fill up to make filling easier and it also slightly increases juice capacity.

The 10 minute auto shut off can be annoying but I can understand for safety reasons.

C-II or Solo2?

Since they use the same coils I thought a comparison was in order.

They both use 3000mah batteries so battery life is identical. You can expect about 3 to 4 hours charging though if you run them all the way down. Good thing though is they both have pass through charging so you can still vape while waiting for the battery to charge.

The C-II is a kit so you can use the mod other tanks and vice versa, you can use the tank on other mods. With the Solo2 it is an All in One kit so no switching tanks or mods.

The C-II mod there is no changing watts, when it is fully charged you will get the full watts and when the battery level drops so will the watts. With the Solo2 you can change the watts from 30, 40 and 50 watts depending on your liking.

Adjustable airflow on the C-II tank, the Solo2 has a fixed airflow.

5ml capacity on the C-II tank if you remove the rubber flap, 4ml with the Solo2 with the rubber flap removed.

The Solo2 is 19mm shorter than the C-II and 24.5mm instead or 25mm for the C-II.

Vape wise there very similar which is to say there both excellent and give you loads of flavor, I am really impressed with both.

The Solo2 is $11 less, the C-II offers more flexibility, is it worth the extra $11? For someone like me it would be so I can use the mod with other tanks but if you just marry a tank to a mod than the Solo2 would be the better choice.

Both of these are the 2 best starter kits I have tried, I have not tried them all though but I have tried a lot.


  • Great flavor, one of the best for a starter kit
  • 510 drip tip compatible
  • 3 adjustable power settings
  • Great coil life
  • Excellent build quality
  • Delrin top cap and drip tip keep your lips from ever getting hot


  • 10 minute auto shutoff can be annoying
  • Air flow not adjustable
  • No MTL option
  • No replacement glass included (The glass feel pretty thick though)


I have been very impressed using the Solo2 and it is mainly because of the excellent flavor the coils provide. The coil is the single most important factor in any vape setup and these coils deliver the flavor really well.

For someone starting out you would have a hard time finding a better kit, I wish this was out when I started. I think it is great that new vapers have so many excellent options nowadays, it really helps when you start out with something great and the Solo2 falls into that category for sure.

The only thing I would change it to make the airflow adjustable, give an option to turn off the 10 minute auto shutoff and include a replacement glass. That said it would also increase the price for those extra options so I would have no problem recommending it as is to any new or even seasoned vaper who is looking for a small kit that has great flavor.

If you’d like to check out you can see how the Solo2 scored against other vape gear and meet the all new Steam Pugs team of animals…errrrr, I mean reviewers…haha


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