Vodka in your Juice

Ok so who has used vodka in their mix and how did it go!!

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I drip pure vodka all the time!


Oh @Aux, you slay me! You made me spew my morning coffee!


That cracked me up ! You should develop a vodka juice for your comrades on the forum !

I Have added 2 drops of moonshine to my tanks today. It is a clear moonshine my son gave me from Georgia. It’s been in the fridge in a mason jar for about a year, and I thought I’d try it. Boy It really does great things to the flavor of my juice. And no I’m not an alcoholic or anything. I don’t usually drink liquor at all.

I’ve been adding it to my Apple mix, but today I also added it to my Peach Custard mix. All flavors are TPA. Peach custard is 50% Peach, 40% Vanilla Custard and 10% Vanilla Cupcake (or any cake). My Apple mix is roughly 80% Apple, with tiny amounts of Raison, Cinnamon, and sometimes Gelato.

I keep a lot of separate/individual single flavors already diluted with VG/PG and nicotine and steeped so I can whip them together or add one to what’s in my tank. When I’m lacking flavor in a mix, I might add a little something to it. For example, add some vanilla to my Peach Custard mix or sometimes I add Fig (Capella) to my Apple mix. That’s how I vape all day. Tasting and adding a lot. When I hit on something good, I jot it down. Then I’ll have a day of mixing new or old and new recipes. I usually try a few new ones from this site. Like I’ve mentioned… I pick only 5-star rated recipes and Out of 10, I liked 8 and loved 2. The 2 I did not like, I added something to it, and that made it vape-able. In the future, I will make only 10 mg batches to try something new.

I used to buy the little bottle of smirnoff in different flavors. I need to get some more vodka…great stuff for all sorts of different things. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m wondering if the moonshine is burning coils. I’ve gone through too many in the past week since I’ve been adding moonshine. I also noticed that the brand new coil I built in my Zephyrus is already gunky and I’ve only vaped one tank in it! I’ll bet the moonshine is the culprit and if so… I’ll have to decide if it is worth the coils. The flavor it adds is so good that I may consider it worth it and use it only in tanks that are rebuild-able. I haven’t had very good results in trying to rebuild disposable atomizer heads. For the life of me… Usually when I set out to do something, I do an excellent job and get A+ results, but this coil rebuilding has got me stumped. Guess it’s because I’m just not an electrician. I’m beginning to believe they make them so you can’t rebuild them. Well, that’s another topic. Rambling on as usual. I’m here all by my lonesome with no other vapers to talk to. Appreciate the company.

If the moonshine has any sugar in it, than it probably is the culprit, as you said. What kind of coils are they?

Kanger coils blowing too soon. I haven’t looked inside at the coils yet.
In my Zypherus there was a lot of black sticky soot on the coils.
You are so smart. That would be sugar - I’ll bet. Know one put sugar in the moonshine when they made it, but doesn’t liquor have sugar in it naturally?

I imagine some of the flavored stuff does, but regular rum, vodka, whiskey, etc don’t.

Fairly sure sugar is one of the top ingredients in moonshine. Don’t know how much of that sugar makes it through the distillation process. Might want to do some research on that!

Shine was my fav liquor when I did imbibe (5 year chip this year!). Now, I just enjoy liquor flavors in my vape! It’s much better for me this way!!!


I am so sad to hear that and so glad you are being smart. My father died from alcoholism. I loved him dearly. It was so bad one beer and he was on the floor. DT’s, you name it.

It’s good news for me that vodka ect won’t have the sugar like the moonshine. Or perhaps it’s the sugar that makes my ejuice so improved. Anything sweet to me is better. Well, we’ll have to see after I check it out. Have to get some vodka. Stuff in the closet will be watered down by my daughter. Can’t have nothing. LOL. One day last week I said out loud… Perhaps I should drop dead and leave everything to them, and they’d be happy. Not one day’s peace. Drugs are awful and ruin lives. I’m taking care of my granddaughter who’s 8 because her parents arn’t. Didn’t want to raise kids at 55. Thank goodness I can vape. Now my granddaughter doesn’t get sick as much that she’s not around cigarette smoke. Going to make some lollipops for her with these TPA flavorings.


I bet the coil ‘nastiness’ is sugar related.
10 points on caring & loving your granddaughter, families aren’t as close as I remember as a child.
Could ya make me some lollipops also?ahaha

I had to read further back. Yes coil coated with black burnt sugar from the moonshine, but not nasty. It’s delicious! Seems to cover up any metal tastes too. Lol. Well, I keep using the moonshine in my RTAs an just made new coils twice so far. One time I just cleaned one up with a brush. But, I don’t see where its affecting the amount of vapor or anything.
Yesterday/Now, I built a coil using Nickel wire and it tastes much better than Kanthal. I did buy Vodka last night and tried it. No taste improvement only got more throat hit (which I’m not looking for). I wonder what’s best as a preservative in juice? saline, citric acid? What would work and not alter taste over time. Just curious. I got a large bag of powdered citric acid at a local American Indian homemade soap type store.

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Ya know P.G. is used as a preservative in many food products,if your not adding something that spoils easily that I’ve never heard of you probably fine baring the production of gallons & such.
P.G. is used in tattoo pigment to increase shelf life even though the best pigments have a large percentage of our grain alcohol.

Thanks so much. It’'s great info for me that PG is a preservative. That is good reassurance for me. Done. I’ll just keep my ejuice in a dark cupboard and out of the light and keep an eye on it over time. I’ve just had a few go bad after about 6 months. They were all from MT. Baker Vapor. I think that was normal though because they were left out in the light - something I did when I first started vaping.

Hey JoJo, You said Vodka is good for all sorts of things. I tried adding it to my ejuice (about 2 drops in a 3.5ml tank) and all it did was add throat hit. It did not add any flavor in my opinion. Moonshine added nice flavor but does sugar - up the coils with black gunk. It doesn’t seem to burn up the coils, although I did not try it in a Kanger coil. I’m sure it would stop it up cause the black sticky gunk was pretty thick on my RTA coils. I’m thinking the more moonshine I add the thicker the gunk will get. It actually only does good things thus far. I replaced the coils before they had a chance to be affected further. I should try leaving them and see what happens. I’ll do that. Ok. I’m going to put it in my Fogger and see what happens. I just cleaned the tank and I’m planning on putting some type of chocolate recipe in it. I’ll let you guys know keeping track of how many drops of moonshine I put in it and see how it goes over time. Let me know what you do with Vodka. Just bought some.

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I used it for cleaning stuff and drinking. LoL I’d rather vape vodka than rubbing alcohol just in case a bit winds up sticking around. I’ve put it in juice to thin out stuff that is too thick. I’ve never used it just for flavor…buying the flavored was just fun and not cuz I thought it actually did much. :smile:

what % vodka is safe to add?

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.2 to .4 percent is what I use, tried vodka, bourbon, scotch and rum, all worked well, just stayed clear of the high sugar liqueurs.