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Voo poo drama again


I’ve watched vaping with Vic and several others over past few days, what are your thoughts, I support the views of the reviewers.


This is already being “discussed” here:


Added my 2 cent about it to the topic Suomynona was referring too.


Technicallly this would be a different topic to be posted rather than derail a thread about reviews.

But yeah I very much dislike @VOOPOOTech and their decisions on advertising and childnappealing products.


IMO Voopoo is shady AF and I stopped buying and watching videos of their products after the Vandy Vape mess. I just hate the negative press it gives vaping. We’re trying to save lives but this is what gets attention. :disappointed:


Yeah, vic was right to call them out on that. Really questionable behavior. I don’t have anything to do with them - Friends don’t let friends voopoo.


Yes there my feelings also.


Sorry ive never heard of the vandy vape mess, could you point me in the right direction to find out about it ?



Thanks for the info