Voopoo Caliber review by eStorm

Disclaimer: This product was provided by Voopoo Tech for the purpose of a review. The upcoming review is my own personal and honest opinion, based on my experience with the product and it’s performance.

Voopoo’s Caliber – 110W Kit arrived in a sleek medium sized box and contained the following items:

  1. Caliber
  2. Sealing O-Ring x6
  3. User Manual x2
  4. Gene Chip Card
  5. Uforce Tank
  6. Glass Tube
  7. Warranty Card
  8. Uforce U6
  9. Uforce U4
  10. USB Cable

Even though I received the full kit, today’s focus will be on the mod itself. I will post a separate review and comparison of the Uforce sub ohm tanks (v1/v2 & t1) released by voopoo - Stay tuned.

The Caliber is Voopoo’s first tube mod and at first I was pretty skeptical. I do like tube devices but most of them are mechanical (unregulated), and I just don’t feel comfortable of using these products.

This device is different though, the Caliber is fully regulated and contains the gene chip, that a lot of us do know from the devices such as Alpha One, Drag, Mojo, Voopoo too and the VMATE.

This tube mod is as simple as it gets, it has a built in 23600 battery with a capacity of 3000mAh, one button on the side of the device and that’s about it. Nothing fancy and nothing too complicated and it might also be easily overlooked by some.

Let’s talk colors for a moment, Voopoo’s homepage doesn’t do any justice when displaying the color options for the caliber. Looking at that I wasn’t impressed, since the pictures show plain old and odd colors, with some gold plating in between. Just based on these pictures, I most likely wouldn’t have felt this to be very appealing.

Probably the reason I was extremely surprised after opening the box, I received the device in a bronze color, and it was a brushed metal look. If held under a light source, it looks very much like deeper rose gold and in a darker environment, it appears to be a lighter bronze color. If I would have gone by the picture, I should have expected a dull and plain, dark brown coated tube mod, probably made out of plastic. But in reality the Caliber looks sleek, elegant and due to the brushed metal appearance, it can fit any occasion. Mix and Match might become a problem though :wink:

For this being a tube mod, the device does feel heavy, but not to a point were it would be uncomfortable to hold. It’s made out of stainless steel 304, which gives the product a good feel and sturdiness.

On top of the device is the spring loaded 510 connector, that is centered and the threads are clean and smooth. The whole top as well as the button on the side of the caliber is gold plated, with a knurling around the edge. Around the 510 connection, there’s a huge star pattern etched into the gold plating. (picture below) This won’t be visible as long as atomizers of 24 to 25mm are being used. Anything smaller, for example a 22mm atomizer, the pattern will become slightly visible. It’s not off putting and it matches the overall design after all, but this could become a deal breaker for some. Bottom of the device is the same color as the tube, with the manufacturer’s stamp. (picture below)

Next question is going to be, what size of atomizers will fit? You guessed right, anything above 25mm will have a slight overhang and again this is based on preference, some people like it, others don’t.

After having received the product, I connected it to the charger, since it’s a built in battery this device needs to be charged via usb. It took around one hour to get the battery fully charged and ready to vape.

On the side of the tube, right above the fire button, there’s a little arrow shaped indicator with led lights underneath. During charging, these lights will be on, if the battery is full this light will shut off.

As mentioned above, the caliber is equipped with Voopoo’s gene chip and fully regulated, but that also means that the mod needs to be turned on and off. To do that, click the fire button 5 times and the device will turn on or off.

There’s no other buttons, and therefore the wattage can not be adjusted. This device is for wattage/power mode only, since other mode’s or settings that are normally working with the gene chip can not be accessed in this device.

Every time the fire button is pressed, the led light above will indicate the charge of the battery. Blue steady light means full charge, and the moment the battery goes down the blue light will flash slowly. The lower the battery goes, the faster the light will flash, but at that point you will also notice a change in power/performance. That would be a good time to start charging the device :slight_smile:

Let's take a look at a couple specifications, that some of you might be interested in:

Input Voltage: 3.2V - 4.2V
Output Voltage: 0V – 4.2V
Resistance Range: 0.15Ω – 3.0Ω

And as always with all Voopoo devices, this mod does have security protections, such as Overtime Protection, Over Temperature Protection, Overcharge Protection, Over Discharge Protection, Output Over Current Protection and Short Circuit Protection.

After 30 minutes of no operation, the device will enter the sleep mode, and here’s one problem I am having with this. While in sleep mode the device won’t fire and won’t wake up with just holding the fire button. You will have to press the fire button once, the blue light will flash and that indicates that the mod is awake, only after this step will you be able to press and hold down the fire button and actually vape.

With all this out of the way, we do have to trust that the gene chip adjusts the wattage accordingly based on the ohm the chip is reading. Now the Caliber does come with a sub ohm tank, and while I like that idea and it’s a pretty good “ready to go” starter kit, I decided that maybe down the road some vapers would like to upgrade their atomizers, but don’t want to buy a new device. Or like the look of a tube mod so much, that they rather carry one of these, sometimes it’s just more convenient.

Whatever the reasoning might be, I thought that testing different atomizers might be a great idea. After all the kit is advertised as 110W and that sounds a bit to good to be true, especially if we’re looking at a built in battery.

So I took my single and dual coil rda and rta’s, and gave this a good test run.

I’ve tested the caliber with two single coil rda’s, both are build with quad core fused clapton (30Gx4/40G), 3mm ID, one rda with 5 wraps and the other with 7 wraps, SS316L Both rda’s run on my other devices at around 35-45 watts, with barely any ramp up.

Attaching these rda’s to the caliber was quite satisfying, around two puffs for them to heat up and then keeping this performance till the end actually. At no given time did I feel that the battery wasn’t powerful enough or the device lacking in overall power. There was no throttling down or heat spikes during the vape.

Moving on to a single coil rta build, with staggered fused clapton (28Gx2/32G/32G), 3mm ID, 6 wraps, SS316l. I normally run this rta at around 40-42 watts on any other device.

Attaching the rta to the caliber was also satisfying, but I did notice a difference in wattage. Still was a good vape, it just wasn’t as warm and my puffs needed to be much longer if I wanted to yield the same result of a saturated and overall satisfying vape that other devices do give me.

Next up the dual coil rta’s. One is equipped with two vertical coils. Simple SS316L, 26G round wire, 3mm ID, 9 wraps and I vape that at around 35-38 watts.

I wasn’t expecting much, but to my surprise, even with this build I did not run into any issues. The rta fired just fine but at a longer ramp up (4-5 hits). I did however notice, that once again, the chosen wattage, was lower then on a adjustable mod, even in comparison to the VMATE and Drag – Voopoo’s own devices, but that’s expected due to the difference in battery.

Moving on to the second rta. Equipped with two staggered fused clapton (28Gx2/32G/32G), 3mm ID, 6 wraps, SS316L, vaped at around 75-85W with any other device.

The caliber finally met it’s match, the ramp up was horrible and even after it heated up enough, the power was way below other devices. It was a struggle.

I then tested of course the sub ohm tanks I have laying around the house, with their pre built coils that’s available for each brand. Ranging from 35W all the way up to 130W. All of them did perform as they should, and in fact I did not notice any difference to other devices. Wattage seemed to be spot on, based at the lower end on the “best at” range. For example, if the coil says best at 45-65W, vaping it on the caliber felt like 50W.

One problem I did run into was the mesh coils, these seem to take a bit more precise wattage and none of them performed well on the mod. They were vape-able but nothing I would call satisfying, because they wouldn’t get warm quick enough. I didn’t test every brand out there of course and maybe some heat up quicker, but the ones I used did not.

After all these tests above, for this being a 110W mod, that relies on the chip inside and being hassle free with no need to monitor wattage, the caliber is doing very well.

This device is not meant for these kind of atomizers, and it never claimed to be designed for this occasion either. The fact that it’s capable of running not only sub ohm tanks but also rda and rta’s, if build accordingly, is quite impressive.

I used the caliber for quite a bit before even writing this review, and throughout that time I was not once disappointed by it’s performance, the battery lasts a day and a half with the included sub ohm tank and around a day with my single coil rta.

Overall Impression:


“Ready to go” - out of the box starter kit
Brushed metal
Elegant and clean looking tube
Long lasting battery
Simplicity, not having to mess with wattage or adjusting wattage can be a great thing at times, just attaching a atomizer if in a hurry, and out the door.
Color options including a matching uforce tank.
Made out of stainless steel, with a good sturdy feel.
Gene Chip

The engraved star emblem on the top
The gold knurling, I think it would have looked better if kept the same color as the tube
The positioning of the usb, it would have been better if this port would have been set a bit lower or somewhere around the bottom of the mod. As of right now, it’s noticeable when vaping and depending on how careful somebody might be, e-liquid leakage or spillage would run right into the port.
The sleep mode, being unable to vape with just pressing the button is throwing me for a loop at times, having to press the fire button once to wake the device up and then another time to actually vape is definitely a learning curve.

The Caliber as of the time of this review is in pre order status, but should be available at the end of August or the beginning of September, and will be available in 9 - 11 colors.

If you’re interested in the Caliber Kit, currently not available as mod only purchase, head over to the official Voopoo Web Site (link) and take a look, or browse around the internet and see who’s going to stock these first :wink: Thank you for reading.


Great review thank you


Appreciate the info.
My impression is that without a way to adjust the power, it’s worthless as a utility (every day) mod.
More of a specialized “one trick pony”, and to add insult to injury, it’s premature landfill thanks to the use of a battery that isn’t user replaceable (given the electronics will likely outlast the battery).

I can’t understand why they would waste a semi-respected chip (like the Gene) on a device like this. /smh


Very nicely done @eStorm. Well written, and excellent pics to boot.


Good job again! Looks like decent competition to others like it.


Great review @eStorm, and 1st class pictures !!


Thank you @whosyourdaddy, Sprkslfly, SessionDrummer, SmillingOgre and Mix_and_Hope again for the feedback and reading the review. I am so glad you guys enjoyed it. Pictures took forever since this stick wouldn’t stay in place on the background lol.


Well done girl, and I’m glad I’m not the only one afraid of Mech Mods :cold_sweat:


Haha, thank you for reading Jose and I’m sure others find our worries or being scared, funny and probably uncalled for, but hey better careful then sorry at the end.

Some mech mods, especially squonkers so, do look pretty sweet. Can’t deny it…But with the caliber at least can pretend (lookwise) that it’s mech lol


I got that with the Wotofo Recurve Squonk Mod, it’s a Mech but it’s got safety features.
I’m really happy with it.
I rather take the safe road. The time I took risks is way behind me and when I think back on the things I have done, my knees start to shake :scream: :laughing:


I have a aspire feedlink, love the looks of it and the bottle and always wanted to review it, as well as using it more often.

It’s the same then the recurve, with safety chip. You would laugh when you see me, I put battery in, fire it but holding away from my face, then take a literally 1seconds hit, nothing comes out of it lmao.

Then I put it down and ignore it for the rest of the day. My hands will shake and I start sweating … I mean it has a safety chip but I’m still hella :fearful: lol.


@eStorm I so KNOW what you are talking about !!! "Go ahead, … move just ONE more time … " !!!


It fell four times from the top of the candle, down on the glass, that’s when I decided this looks good and took a picture before it rolled out of the background :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The device didn’t break, neither did the glass of the tank, maybe I should add that too the cons :rofl:


Well, maybe what you’re doing, is, … stress testing it for all of us !!! ???



good review thanks @eStorm


Great review @eStorm :+1: i have been eyeing off one of these. Just as a spare mod not as a daily driver so i reckon this should be good for a grab and go.


Thanks for the review!!:ok_hand:


Thank you very much @Vaporraven, @Burga and @Stankhammer for leaving a comment :hugs:

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Great review, I too kinda wish it had some controls, especially with the Gene chip, but this does look like a great pen MOD. Thanks for the review.

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