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VooPoo DRAG + LOOP RDA Like New

Your opinion of course. But I find it pretty unfair to compare a Voopoo product with Evolv. Have you used, at length (meaning like learning and getting to know them), any DNA devices?
I, and probably every DNA owner in the world would have to disagree with your statement that Voopoo is better, in any way. Just my opinion. :slightly_smiling_face:


I kinda like my voopoo drag. Don’t use it much anymore now that i have the squid double barrell but the drag served me well for a year.


I have to agree with Zen, owned both, and they are not even close to being in the same categories. Evolve, hand’s down is better, it’s almost like comparing Smok, to voopoo, they both do the same thing. Not even close…, Just my opinion though.


I can’t support VooPoo either. Mostly per their ethics. No idea how they perform. I also have to say I don’t like the designs. They all look like decorated project boxes to me. Not sure why Evolve got drug into this but I have only had one problem with an Evolve. On the 250C Triade they reversed a seal on the fire button in manufacture. Took three minutes to repair. I also see Up in Smok here. Lol, really?


Hey :apple: to :apple:, and :tangerine: to :tangerine:’s Lol


First post in this thread. Likes the Gene chip over the DNA chip. Which is fine. Each to his own. Then my rebuttal, a few posts up.