VooPoo DRAG + LOOP RDA Like New

Most of you know me, I am a MTL NET type.

I was experimenting to see what all the fuss is about blowing clouds, but, man, it is really not my style ! And I wanted to check out the Gene Chip. It is really an excellent chip. Much better than the stuff from Evolv in my opinion.

So I have this on the chopping block:
The DRAG and the LOOP RDA.
Both are just like brand new.
All original boxes, packing etc.
I will clean the RDA in my Ultra Sonic before shipment.

I set it up, took two drags off it and put it down.
That was enough for me !!!

$50 bucks +plus shipping or work a trade for Berserker V1.0 MTL RTA


Yes we do!! :rofl:


Hey bro, Just thought I would comment here.

It is unlikely you will find someone on ELR that will purchase a @VOOPOOTech product. If you can’t get rid of it here, then maybe you can try this.



You crack me up 50… HaHaHaHaHa!!!

oops… Sorry.



not sure what you mean ? is that comment about Evolv humorous ? The fact is that the evolv embedded software, and the support for that software is garbage. I have had many evolve chips, 75C, 75, and others, all with issues. In contrast Gene chips in the VooPoo products, the Drag Mini, the MOJO, function flawlessly.

I don’t know if evolv has dealt with some of the issues in the 75 series. Some are so serious as to render the chipsset usless in a mod.

The biggest issues is: they can not maintain the base temp compensated resistance unless the room environment is steady as a rock. Commonly with the 75 chipset mod will just “loose their mind” so to speak, and when that happens if I want to use that particular mod faster than letting it sit in a room with consistent temps for 24hrs, my rapid fix is to put the mod/atty in the freezer for 20 minutes and reset the software.

Speaking of resetting the software, the only way these things read TC correctly is to go into the evolv PC software and set the resistance for each atty and each coil set in those mods. This is a HUGE Con, a real HASSLE ! For example I have a JacVapour right here on my desk at this moment, it has a Siren V2 atty on it, if I switch the atty to a KFV5 with a much lower ohms then i have to MANUALLY set the evolv firmwarre in the mod to a pre-assigned memory location with that correct ohms. That ONLY works if it happens to be in there from a previous session with the evolve software when the correct number have been set. If not then I have to fire up my PC and go into the software and correctly set a memory location in this mod with those correct numbers. This is just garbage. In contrast the Gene MOJO will correctly read and reset internally (without the user going thu hell and back with a desktop software session) the correct room temp compensated atty reading “on the fly” with virtually no user interventions.

Some more random points about all this:

  • TC control on the Gene chips is the best ever tested by DJSLvapes. also see this post of mine with the enormous hassles at evolv with support of the software on their website.

  • See my post about the extreme software firmware revision handling by evolv HERE.

  • You can install Artic Fox software on any of the many chips it runs on and the result just blows the doors off an evolv product.

  • I have given the evolv products a though chance to perform on many platforms (LostVape, JacVapour, HCigar etc…) and have been disappointed at every turn. The final straw and the camels back on this issue is when I saw an interview with the two guys that started that company. One was the sofware/hardware engineer and he basically stated that they were working closely with the FDA on closed systems, and that the business plan was to get fully closed systems required under FDA regulation. You may have seen that interview. If not I can go back to the archives and get you a link and a time stamp to where in that video these statements are made.


Can I just say… after reading your post (and many posts from others) about TC issues with mods… This is why I’m a mechanical / power mode mod user! :rofl:

I’d have to give up vaping, if TC was the only option out there! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Deliver Me!


Hey, thanks for the tip. I will travel over there and and see if I can post it there.

So, enlighten me, what’s the issue with no one wanting to by VooPoo here ? Is there something I missed?



I should’ve known not to pick with you 50… You really take all things vaping really really seriously. It was just a joke man.


@50YearsOfCigars … my post wasn’t a jab at you, personally, concerning your post… rather, the futziness of TC mods in general. I’m sure, once you get to know a particular TC mod, it gets easier to dial it in for delightful use and no dry hits. But, me personally… I just think, “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!” :rofl:


Voopoo may uave sponsored a show that was meant for kids on you tube or some shit like that , id buy a voopoo drag IF the branding wasnt so monstrous lol , there are a lot of people here that would buy a voopoo , after reading your posy you have me sold on VOOPOOs chip , but I dont care about TC … Good luck trying to sell it


Hi there Pro ! No, please toss a ‘pick’ at me any time ! I did state an opinion. If I can’t justify my opinions with back up facts, then I don’t deserve to have that opinion. :+1:


Yes, it’s true. I must admit, I have all these TC mods here, but they are all set to operate in Power Mode!

But I am a experimenter and curious, so I check out this technology just to see what’s up. Gene has a new feature in its chipset called “FIT”, and evolve went for a “replay” mode, so it is interesting to check this stuff out.



It is the way they do business, they pull some shady shit. I think the biggest thing they did here, was a giveaway or more accurately they wanted some people to review their product and… It’s been a while, here is a link


Ahhh yes I remember that … That did piss me off …


shaking ground here w/tony b and thats sumin that shouldnt warrant sales of said product but…we are adults and making products appealing to children? thats where my beef would be numero uno we have a hard enuff time w/ fucking football shaped devices. please …all bad, bad, bad for the community.
If they drop all that shit id be happy to buy/enjoy the tech they have but dont see that happening as the kids are kinda ruling what they did and taking down and imposing regulations as they fall.
I would happily own a voopoo bought prior to the fiasco and would buy from a vendor in the USA that will be stuck w/ it otherwise


Good point. A lot of the sites I visit, have the voopoo drag the drag2 and the drag mini for around 30 to 40 bones. The sites I visit are in the States and that is because I really HATE waiting weeks to get my gear. As soon as I hit that “purchase” button I am at the mailbox…


Ha, and here I thought it was because I just couldn’t figure it out, which is probably the case, but now I can blame it on what you just said. BTW the chip the Voopoo uses is made by another company and can be found in other products.


I would be curious for a list of those…

here is the thread that mentions the interview with evolv and my comments and other members comments are in that thread so scroll thu it and have a look.

my thought is that if everyone stops buying from all vendors that have issues, then your choices will be severly limited haha - ROTFL !!!

I shouldn’t say because I know it is not politically correct, but that TonyB thing: he sort of tipped his hand that maybe his story was not the whole truth and nothing but the truth, because his name is now on several dozen products, so clearly his plan all along was to make money in the endorsement business. Whatever’s right. Everyone does it. Speaking of TB’s: I saw an ad on TV last night with Terry Bradshaw endorsing, of all things, a walk in bath-tub for elders. Too funny !!!


Ya, looks that way and I know if I open my mouth, my foot will get stuck, but I don’t care it’s been stuck in my mouth before. So, I lost a lot of respect for him, after that whole thing. As for Terry Bradshaw, number 12 starting QB for the Steelers in the 70’s. I think he just might need a walk in tub. I know I want to get one for my Mom.

I’ll have to think on it but I do believe Vaporesso uses it in some if not all of their devices. I am sure there are far more people " in the know " that will comment.


In addition to what @fidalgo_vapes and @Dan_the_Man said, they also were very evasive when @TorturedZen asked them in the vendor thread they used to have here about the new mesh material in their coils (or something to that effect) and they didn’t reply for awhile and after he asked them again, they told him it was a trade secret or something and refused to tell him the material that was used to make the coils…which is some truly shady shit considering some people are sensitive to certain materials, like nickel…