VOOPOO Panda AIO Pod Starter Kit Preview


VOOPOO Panda Introduction

The VOOPOO Panda AIO Pod Starter Kit is the newest device from popular vape manufacturer VOOPOO and set to release in late June or July 2018. It’s an internal battery pod system with included pods for both high mg nicotine salts and lower mg freebase nicotine juices. It’s available in 5 colours: Black/Silver, White/Black, Black/Red, Black/Yellow, and Blue/Gold.


Wattage:12W or 8W
Battery capacity:1100mah
Charging: USB/1.5hours
Switch timeout protection
Short-circuit protection
Overcharge protection
Over-discharge protection

Packaging List

Panda pod kit
Two Replacement pods
Sealing O-rings
USB cable
User manual
Warranty card


It comes with both pod options. One has a built in 1.2-ohm coil and fires at 8 watts. The other has a 0.8-ohm coil and fires at 12 watts. They claim one is for regular juice and the other is for nicotine salts but at 12 watts it’s fine to use high mg nicotine salts in. The pods are very easy to get in and out and easy to full with a fine point bottle. Twist cap or glass drippers aren’t as easy.

It’s a very nice and small and comfortable pod system. Tiny in size so you can put it in the pocket. And it adopts vertical ventilation, perfect air flow giving the biggest clouds.


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