Vortex Mixer vs. Magnetic stirer with hotplate?


i want some stuff for shaking e-juices. Yes, i have two arms with hands, but i´m lazy.:sleeping:

What are the pro´s and con´s for the Vortex and the Magnetic with HP?

Can i put an erlenmayer on the Vortex maschine , without holding it?

Are there better ways to mix up juices? I still have a ultrasonic cleaner and i know the paint mixer.

Thank you!


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Well, I have all 3, and my favorite is a full size 1gal paint shaker. I put my bottles either in a quart can or gallon can depending on the bottle size, and 20-30min of shaking does the trick. I prefer it to the other methods simply for ease of use!


Hmmm. Since I use a sawzall to shake up my bottles I do not know. However there are some really good threads. The second result from @ozo is very good.



If yous a wanna be reeely fancy like, do what we’s do down here in the holler. Drain all the erl from the Ferd 9" rear end in Granny’s T-Bird, fill it up wits yur juice, and whalla! Homemeade high-shear mixer! Just make sure you do it on Church night and not bingo night, cause yer liable to lose 750ml of juice when they lock meemaw up fer fightin again cause some rotten bitch keepsa stealin her bingo ink!


thx @Chrispdx for the link.

A vortex Mixer is a nice to have but not really the best solution.
A magnetic stirrer is usefull, even without a hotplate. Mix it slow, mix it a bit longer. Its easy and cheap if i DIY.

I searched for the paintshaker in Germany. i don´t find one. No matter. But sounds good and easy mix.

dunno, in both cases or at least for magnetic stirrers you will need to put your hands inside your pockets for real for buying a good one… my experience with the ones i tried (DIY mostly) and nitecore magnetic stirrer didn’t made me very excited… specially from that nitecore i was expecting more from it… but at a quantity of 200ml of 80/20 VG/PG was sooooo slow, and took also hours to heat it… sorry but i hate waiting, 3-5 minutes shaking with hands is much faster and works :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: and just think that my batches are like 300ml up to 1lt of juice… this would take ages!!! i don’t know how other people that are making large batches as me deal with it and IF they use stirrers or whatever…

i have no experience with vortex mixers tbh, i don’t know if you plan professional ones or something like that… i saw some that their cost starts at like 200$ and going up (same as magnetic stirrers), i don’t know how much lift to mix but they seem more intersting for me… tbh i am just thinking that instead of a pro vortex mixer like the ones i saw you could probably find α cheaper one, or with a small modification of a cheap blender you could do the job…

Shaking is killing my elbows so I ordered a Norpro mini mixer and a Badger 121 paint mixer to try out. Mag mixer is not in the budget.

Stay tuned LOL. I have a project in the works that I am building which I am certain will be a cheap solution that can be constructed with off the shelf parts by anyone with a few basic tools. Basically it is an overhead stirrer which eliminates the need for humongous magnets needed to stir large volumes. (120 mills and up) Parts are in the mail.

I know overhead stirrers work very well but like other lab items can be very expensive. I have one. But like pro items we don’t use acids and dangerous chemicals and buying stuff like that is pretty silly. But so is buying junk.that won’t last or work properly. I’ll post some photos and a set of plans as soon as I am able.

Search ebay or amazon for overhead stirrers to see what I am talking about. But those are overkill. My project is to use a mason jar with a 12v motor and speed control attached to the jar lid. Its very simple.


seems interesting @mrpipes :slight_smile: thank you :slight_smile:

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I have an old pc power supply and ordered some rare earth magnets and a poti for rpm. I usually mix PG55/VG45 up to 100ml. i´m pretty sure the diy solution will work.

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