Vortex Mixers - let's talk

Alrighty. Got myself a Scilogix MX-S variable vortex mixer. I got the big adapter plate so I could mix 100ml bottles, but it hasn’t arrived yet. What I can say is it will shake a 10ml mix REAL well. But 20ml in a 30ml unicorn bottle, I have to flip it upside down and maybe give a little shake making it a 3 part process minimum.

I’m actually trying to steep some juice and shake it every couple of days. But, both of my wrists have been broken twice and I have a torn ligament in my right wrist that I should fix, but who has the time. . .so I was kinda hoping this thing will work. I am not sure. @michelleTOC and any others with experience, do you have any wisdom for the use of these devices? I am not seeing the huge tornado I expected. Is it because I went cheap? Maybe I’ll see a difference when the other mat comes in.

Hiya Weasel!!! I don’t have the plate on mine, but the little rubber insert thing. I just turn my bottle upside down and stick it in and get the tornado effect. If you take the plate off does it have the rubber insert? That might help hon?

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It comes with a test tube thingy that holds a 30ml unicorn bottle nicely. How big are your bottles, how full, and do you know your RPM?

I do the 30 ml bottle (glass) and I have no clue on the RPM sorry… it goes up to 10 lol

I also have to push down pretty hard to trigger it. Do you? I’m going to go try it on manual to see if that might be the issue.

So full 30ml bottles. Glass Boston rounds, squeeze, unicorn?

sorry yes glass 30 ml Boston rounds… I haven’t tried the unicorn bottles but I’ve done the little 15 ml squeeze ones fine

And the pressure you apply? Some, just a touch, quite a fair bit? I’m in the latter camp. Removing butt from couch to try a lighter touch.

Can you say what brand you are using?

lighter touch and I can… it’s a Baxter

It definitely appears to be mixing, but no crazy vortex. I think because my Boston rounds have dippers it may be messing that up? Even my plastic stuff that fits in the test tube well looks pretty agitated at the top, but when I mixed a drop of color in, it only mixed halfway down a 20ml bottle. Hopefully I can get it working better.

Mine is a 4mm excursion at 2500rpm max. Yours appears to go up to 3000RPM, but I can’t find the excursion. If it were more I’d say mine is just inadequate. It’s more likely a user issue. . .I hope.

I don’t have one, so I can’t say how well they mix with our types of bottles, but I know in the lab we always used conical tubes. I wonder if that makes a difference. I hate the thought of having to use and wash extra crap, but you might try some 15 and/or 50 ml conical tubes and see if that helps? I’m sure you can get them on ebay or amazon, but you might find them cheaper somewhere else. I think Amazon had a 50 count bag (way more than you’d probably need) of 50 ml tubes for about $10.


I have a screw top erlenmeyer that I plan to use as soon as the bigger adapter plate gets here. I also have some of those tubes from when I used to culture my own yeast. It’s just that I’m normally mixing 120ml. My tasters are 30ml, sometimes 20 if I am out of bottles.


I am high bidder on this one :blush:


That’s a darn nice looking one LordVapor. I use one every day at work. Well, night. I work nights. Anywho, try tipping your bottle. Lay the bottom edge of the bottle on the cup instead of holding it upright. Some take more pressure than others to activate too. We have a few hanging around here at work and I keep thinking, they won’t miss one little vortex will they???

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What sort of 50ml conical tube does Walmart have? For what purpose? Never heard of such a thing, but I’m interested. Mine will have the larger platform shortly. I am just missing the grippy rubber insert, substitutes haven’t work.

I think I’m using to much pressure or something. I have to push down pretty hard.

Quick results using 15ml unicorn bottles. They have about 3ml of heads pace from what I can tell. With about 15ml of vodka, vortex like crazy. Same bottle with 15ml PG, vortex like crazy. Same bottle with 15ml of VG. . .not a lot visibly going on.

I mixed some of @Amy2’s Sakura Donuts to a white froth in a 30ml unicorn that was half full. . .I think I made it 40%PG, not max VG. But this lemonade that I am working on just seems thicker.

I think I may USC these warm with the caps off for awhile and them mix the warmed juice in the vortex. Not sure if that will help my daily shake routine on the steeped juices though :frowning:

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good luck!!!

Ha. I got outbid. There are plenty more fish in the sea.


These weren’t a bad price? http://www.avogadro-lab-supply.com/item/50_mL_Centrifuge_Tube_10_pack_/1121

I got my flat platform today. It does not like my 4oz Boston rounds, at all. However, the plastic screw top erlenmyer flasks sold by ECX seem to work great on it. I’m not a big fan of extra labware, but a thorough mix is probably worth it.