VT Mode help?

Hi All, I have a vaporesso revenger that i am running a dead rabbit on. Today i bought some SS 316l fused clapton from vandy vape and made a pair of coils at .13 ohms for the pair. It fires perfectly in VW mode however when i switch it to VT mode the mode cuts power on firing and the wattage displayed drops from 75 to 0.4 watts, whats going on here??

does it on my other mods too???

soooo i built it again and did not dry fire it, is this the reason for it seems to be working now, is it possible to “cook” the ss as I googled a bit and a lot of stuff says not to glow them the way you do with kanthal.

Im not a tc expert but it did you let the coils cool completely after dry fire before switching to tc. If they were still warm the initial resistance wod be wrong and through everything tits up.

There shouldn’t be any issue with glowing ss coils. Just dont try with the other tc metals especially ti.