Waka Smash Recipe Suggestions?

I’ve just tried my mother’s disposable vape -Waka Smash and ooooh, the Strawberry Grape tastes great!!!:heart_eyes: I’d love to mix it myself but not sure what flavours to add?!

Has anyone tried these and have any tips or suggestions for a recipe??

…(and possibly for the Banana Coconut also!?)


I haven’t…, have had a few disposables but not tht one…, someone might’ve tried it, but I doubt it…:worried:…, Sry to say, but disposables r mostly a newer generation thing…, we may do pods for the most part, but most of the community here has probably only got them as on a need basis ie. going out of town or something of tht nature… Sry I’m no help…, I did try a banana ice puffbar a while back tht was good a.f., but I figured why try to clone it when I could make something like it but put any flavor addition to it tht I wanted & it would probably come out better & so many other cons to this… Besides… I think the disposables are the big tobacco companies ties in dipping their feet in the vape juice to still make some profit since traditional cigarette sales have declined over the past…, & if u ask me they’re up for making em… b/c they know a lot of ppl (including teens) would buy em & this way, they wouldn’t be losing much profit…, & gaining a little more in a sense… but good luck on your endeavors!!


Haha no worries then, thanks for ur reply!

I’m thinking its maybe like a smoothie kind of flavour?!? I could be very wrong tho! Very full rounded. I havent mixed in a while so im forgetting flavours…

It’s just a bit hard for me as i had a head injury a while back, which knocked most of my senses out of me. So limited taste + smelll. Which makes it hard to determine or pin point flavours. But this, i can kinda taste!:partying_face: Lol It’s sooo good!!

All good, hopefully someone else has tried it!
Thanks again! Have a good one!:blush:


Sorry to hear this… Hopefully someone will chime in with some help!


The point is that on disposables they can use natural flavours, without thinking about coils or if it lasts or not, it’ll get thrown away, so who cares about lasting (feel sry for our planet…)
Think thay most of the disposables are just updated CE4s with a battery.
I made some clones (remixes really, not clones) of those profiles mainly aimed towards POD systems to help people quit smoking, that came out fairly decent, if you want have a look at my profile on the recipe side.

Those are fairly easy liquids to replicate coz disposables are as I said above CE4s, therefor can’t handle complicated bakery or creams, what they can handle best are fruits and “cold” flavours, mints, maybe some kind of unknown sort of flavour mimicking tobacco.

They HAVE to be simple, it wouldn’t suprise me that a banana coconut is just that, Banana and coconut full stop, the point is that probably that banana and that coconut come from B2B (bakery, ice cream makers and that route) so we can’t get our hands on them, or are natural extracted flavours, but we can do better by layering and use flavours for crafters, FLV, WF, SSA, VTA, VSO and so on.
In those devices they use a lot WS23, Koolada (menthol) Polar Blast and sugars to make them shine and hide the poorly made (simple) liquid’s faults.

Coming back to the nitty gritty, on the recipe side look for the word POD or disposables, also have look at “old” recipes 2014-2016, sort by higher ranking, those usually are the good oldies.
Look for percentages that range from 17 to 25% (even 30…)
Think about where you’d be using that liquid… on a POD or an RTA? To get close, you’d have to use a decent POD, on an RTA you’d have a diffcult task in adjusting percentages to 8-10-13% and it won’t be the same, you’d likely end up overpowering and give up.

A strawberry grape? easy one? INW shisha SB and Grapes, complicated (but better) FLV grape and Alpine, layered? /WF/VTA even better and probably creamier (jams and compotes…) citric acid (Cap’s SS has got some in it) and/or CA/malic acid is a must try, can you “feel” the grape? Or is it like FLV Moscato? We have so many ways of doing it, even better!
Probably very few of us uses or has tried disposables, don’t realy need to, and so many around… Did we need them? Who knows, Do they help quitting? Might or might not, we’ll see once the fashioin is over, is it a business? Of course! Definitely exposes our sides to the enemy, (the Californian desperate housewives already used pollution with fake propped photos to support the ban.) but we can go on forever, only time will tell.
My 2c