Wall adapter fail

Had just got through charging an Evic Vt with a Joyetech branded .5 amp wall adapter. As I was putting a tank on the mod, heard a crackling noise and looked over to see smoke and sparks issuing from the top of the adapter. Grabbed a towel and yanked it out of the wall socket. The smoke and stink was nasty, I’m guessing rather toxic, and had to open windows and fire up ceiling fans for a couple hours to clear the house. If I had not been there to nip this in the bud, could have turned out very bad.

There is an approximately 1/4" hole in the top of the adapter surrounded by melted plastic. Would post a pic, but not seeing that feature here. I will send an email and pic to Joyetech and will update with their response.

I always charge mod’s on a non combustible surface, never leave anything plugged in or “on”, and this reinforces that protocol.

This kind of lack of quality control by our friends in China is going to lead to a catastrophe, and give those in power a reason to implement regulations. Already had an ego style battery auto fire and melt down so this is making me feel a bit paranoid…


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That is some nasty shit, would scare the shit out of me too.


Yes indeed. I’ll be unplugging my chargers from now on .


Thank you Josephine, see if this works…

I luckily didn’t order or have that charger. Thanks for the heads up. I have all 3 of the VTs and I’d hate see them and me go up in smoke.

That’s scary. When I got my Evic Vt it came with everything but the wall adapter, however, it included the cable. I wonder if they knew they had problems with them.

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Where is the “this is serieus shit” button? I’m not gonna press like, this is not funny. You were lucky, if you had been in another part of your house…

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No shit!! What would of or could of happened if you plugged it in and left for the day! Shit…

Let it be a lesson learned by all of us. Even if we had left odd are that my 2 Great Danes would have been home. WOW!!!