Walt's New Flavors (Ideas? Real Flavor Super Concentrates)

Reaching out to the community for beginning percentages on these, if anyone has tried them yet?

They smell like heaven!

Apple Butter - Super Concentrate
Butter Pecan Pie - Super Concentrate
**Marshmallow Candy - Super Concentrate **
**Strawberry Jam with Toast - Super Concentrate **
Strawberry Kiwi Taffy - Super Concentrate
**Watermelon Taffy - Super Concentrate **
Apple Taffy - Super Concentrate


Have tried both, really like the apple butter, also like the butter pecan it was a heavy butter at first that faded a bit, but still good. I used them both in multi ingredient receipts at 6% so tweaking could make a difference I am sure


Hi David!

Thank you very much! Very brave starting at 6%! (Actually that’s about where I used to start test everything if I didn’t know where to start but but I vape at high wattage now so 3% is even way too much for me sometimes.)

I didn’t hear from anyone for a while on this thread so I started at 2.95% on my single flavor tests. I just did it two days ago so I’m going to let them sit a few days before I try to vape them.

Turns out there’s about 12-14 people who have already tested some of these new ones in the data base already with notes. Very encouraging! I like Walt’s stuff so I’m hoping more people get in there and start adding more information about his flavors. I’m going to review my findings on these new ones after I test them so I will update this thread with what I experience.


Adding this because it’s AWESOME Real Flavors (SC) Banana Taffy. Mixed it 3% and holy sin, it was a perfect flavor. Love it.

Edited to note I couldn’t vape on this long because it really was overwhelming banana taffy flavor. Might mute it down with some cream for an ADV LOL


I’m going to mix up the Butter Pecan Pie and Ice Cream Sandwich tomorrow at 3% It worked really well with the Banana Taffy so I’m going to assume the other taffy’s would be great as a single flavor there?


Though I’ve not tried any of the new ones yet. That’s the strength that I made all my testers at. I’ve personally had to up the ones I’ve liked as a sf to 4%. But there are also some that were way too much :nauseated_face: at 3%. But I personally think that’s a good place to start on them


In about 2 more days I’m going to try them!


Marshmallow Candy is a super sweet and dry marshmallow; dry in a good way like in a marshmallow cereal. It gets sweeter as it steeps. So I would start low at like .75-1% and adjust up from there. It really is a nice flavor though. I have the apple butter and sb with toast but haven’t had the chance to play with them yet. I need to order more bottles, nic and vg first :slight_smile:

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Oh damn, they have a Frosted Animal Cookie?! That alone is going to force my hand.

Also have an eye on the blue razz taffy/ sour candy.


I was really wondering about that Marshmallow. That’s very good info! I’m gonna go mark that bottle. I was just going to use it as a sweetener so my gosh that’s wonderful to know! Thank you!


Have you tried the regular mm? I get a dry cereal mm from that, just wondering what the difference between the mm and mm candy is.

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I have not. The mm candy was $2 so I snagged it as well as some others that were on sale. I normally stick to fa mm, tpa tmm/mm, and cap mm. I’m getting pur mm just because of the good things I have heard about it. But I have some soul searching to do with the 28 rf flavors I have for a bit before adding to them. Therr are some I’ve been struggling with. And I’m starting to feel there are more than a few that aren’t so super concentrated as I hope or were implied by the label. Mixed feelings so far.

I did get around to using the rf sc cream cheese. It has started to mellow out but is indeed cream cheese’ish apart from its extremely off-putting initial smell. It does pack a cream cheese punch but so far what I’m getting from it i’s fat free cream cheese that was improperly stored in a fridge that has started to turn crusty and translucent on the edges. I haven’t tried my cheesecake mix I’ve used it in. But the tester I made was 2.5% of that flavor. Creamy tangy and cheese but definitely fat free lol no full flavor Philadelphia cream cheese I was wishing for. But well see how it works alongside the cheesecake in a few more weeks. I’m thinking it might play nice with the other flavors at .25%

AutocorreCT is brutal on this phone…lol


I like that flavor. I sub it for tpa often (and vice versa) when its being used as a sweetener, but I do get a bit more actual mm flavor from it than tpa.


His Blue Razz is awesome! The Taffy has to be awesome as well.


Now that is how you describe a flavor so the reader can almost taste it! :wink:


I just got the Butter Pecan Pie but haven’t done anything with it yet. I am so far behind on mixing right now!

Thankfully a lot of things I mixed up months ago have become much better and I am getting to use up a lot of things that I initially wasn’t crazy about after steeping and haven’t gotten back to. Silver lining!


I just mixed this up and it’s steeping

TOCs Butter pecan pie

For some reason I can’t cut and paste anymore :frowning:

I left out the sweetener too


That sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: I’ve got to steep but it smells really good in the bottle fingers crossed

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