Want to trade flavor concentrates?

I want to trade some of my flavor concentrates these are all good flavors and have been refrigerated since I received them I have Vought all of these within the last 4 months. I have almost a full 4oz bottle of the flavor apprentice oatmeal cookie I also have an almost full 2oz bottle of flavor apprentice tutti fruity also I have an almost full bottle of flavor apprentice pineapple then oi have half of a 15ml bottle of flavor west sweet tarts thern I have a full opened bottle of capella’s Boston cream pie I also have probably 8ml of flavor apprentice tiramisu. I want to trade for an equally priced flavoring. It am will in to trade for any company. So if you want to trade say an expensive flavoring like flavorah I would be getting a much smaller bottle than per say flavor apprentice.

<img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/7/9/7993911faea19070bca214f4936c3f1c482e3142.jpg" width="285" height="500">

I have several different tobacco flavors I’ll trade you? if your into that?

if he isn’t interested i would be. i am starting to get into tobaco mixes

If you search tobacco flavors to trade everything I have will pop up. If you see something you want let me know.

I have not ventured into tobacco flavors yet. Not sure if I ever will. So I am not I interested sorry.