Want to tweek recipe but already at 20% flavors

Hi all friends,
I’m working on recipe and i want to add some flavor,
but i’m already at 20%flavors, how can i reduce
the flavors % without altering the taste
cause, it taste pretty good, but miss something
tx for your help


could you put the recipe here? It would help other mixers analyzed it and give suggestions.


1% caramel (cap)
3% caramel (tpa)
4% dragonFruit (tpa)
7% pear (tpa)
2% sweet cream (fw)
1% toasted marshmallow (tpa)
2% vanilla swirl (tpa)

i want more creamy, and something is missing
in this. another fruit, an ‘accent’

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I have to say tx to http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/233187/Pearamel my new tweek
recipe is base on this ! Respect !

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@randomegg119 tx, i tweek it a little

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Have you tried it as is? There’s someone named @atssec97 wrote in the recipe discussion that he tried it at :
Caramel TFA 4%
Dragonfruit TFA 4%
Pear TFA 8%
Vanilla Swirl 2%

What kind of profile do you think was missing? Sour, sweet, tangy, musky? I’m not a fruit guy, but hopefully if someone more knowledgable than me saw your notes, they could answer.

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i found the pear a little overwelming, would like another fruit in like 3 to 5%, lychee maybe, not sure at all


yea im more a custard person, but i ran out of vanilla custard cap v1, was waiting for thanksgiving coupon, need to go with fruit, which i love but less experience with them !


Maybe Cream (Milky Undertone) (PG) - One on One


I have found pears work better in support rather than using it as the dominant flavour in my mix. It mixes very nicely with apples and strawberries but I only use a small amount of pear now in relation to the other flavours in the mix.

Here’s a link for ingredient pairings, I used it a lot when I was looking for another fruit to add.


There’s no rule that says you can’t go over 20% flavoring, just like there’s none that says you’d need so much either. I think it’s all a little over the top, but that’s personal.

You can click the wrench and select Adjust total flavor % to bring it all down to maybe 15%?
You can then still add any cream you want. If you want something thick and creamy, you’re probably best with a custard or french vanilla.


I use fruits, with creams and tobaccos.
I’ll definitely quote @anon28032772 !! In our hobby there no rules and there are no truths, definitely guidelines or known and agreed facts, but not truths or absolute rules… the mixers family are the ones leading this side of our hobby, learning things day by day, experimenting a lot and we learnt that what works for me, doesn’t work for you, but, we have our views and experience.

The way I see that recipe (remember that taste is subjective…) I’d personally:
Lower the DF to 2-2.5%
Still leave the pear but I’d get rid of TPA pear and use a layer of FA Pear @3% (or FLV @ .75-1%) and INW Pear @2-2.5%
Change the cream to a fuller dairy cream= FLV @1% (personal choice, don’t particularly like the FW)
Raise the swirl to 3%3.5%
Get rid of one of the caramels

MHO though., that recipe can be changed in so many ways and 10 mixers will change it in 10 different ways.:+1:

That would bring it down at around 14-15% and it’s still too high, but it can work, check my further thoughts below.

Once done this, I’d check if the caramel layer is taking over or not… and start from there.
The other thing to think about is…. muting!! Have a look:

Caramel1-Caramel2-Toasted MM- Vanilla Swirl…… **Ethyl Maltol1-Ethyl Maltol2-Ethyl Maltol3- Ethyl Maltol4… *
Dragonfruit: Maltol
Now, guess what is one of the TPA Pear components??? Maltol

Now, are you missing something or something gets muted? That’s probably why you went that high with the % , but the higher it gets, the worst it gets.

Food for thoughts… Don’t want to be blunt, I just looked carefully at your recipe and shared my thoughts.


Personally I would drop the TFA pear to 3 and add FA pear at 2. Would also drop the dragon fruit to 2. I think if you lower the fruits you’ll be happier with the creams.


Also adding 1% of almost any apple will help along the pear.


Brilliant …

I am on the same page as @marsh8 I see DF and Pear and additives or accents more than a main profile . Drop the cap Caramel and add a Butterscotch with the TPA it may create a better caramel than stacking multiple ones…Adding an Apple to the pear is smart @Letitia . Dont worry about Percentages especially if your a new mixer and dont be afraid to add a touch of sweetener


Wow , tx guys, lots of good info here, I will experiment with some of your suggestions.
again TX :smile:


You can definetly go over 20% :smiley:

Things may start to get a little soapy, And as mad as it sounds if you want to tone the pear down a little just add is at the very end, after everything. For some reason pears/strong apples can crash other flavours if added all in one go.


@Eric.gingras maybe Milky undertone one on one