Wanted: Blitz Hermetic spares and Recurve drip tips!

I am hoping to find someone that has no need for the spare parts (specifically the ceramic clamp) that came with the Hermetic RDA.

I’m guessing that the original Ghoul ceramic clamp will fit as well (but have no way to confirm it).

If anyone wants to part with the clamps for either of these, please let me know!
I can possibly trade for them, or just send PayPal.

If you don’t want to sell just the clamp, but would prefer to sell the entire Hermetic RDA, LMK what you might want for it.

On the “wants” list is more of the original Wotofo Recurve 810 drip tips… (black, smoked, or possibly blue only please!)

Thanks in advance,


I bought a bunch of these, I am sure I could get you either a silver or black one. I’ll have to check the back up boxes. I remember I bought them for almost nothing. I’ll send you one as soon as I can find it.


I appreciate it!


Just getting ready to crash tonight but I’ll dig one out tomorrow and get your address, are you in the states?


I am!

Hit me up in PM with whatever you find, and we can go from there. :thumbsup:


Just wanted to say thank you to @nicomanteno for helping me out with the Hermetic clamps.

He went above and beyond, and actually sent me entire atty ‘kits’ (with the spares)!!

Also, I’d like to return the favor (in a round-about way)…

He’s looking for Wasp atties.
I’m not sure which version (he did mention RDA, but I thought they had a couple of variations over the years) so I’ll leave that to him to specify.
But if some can help him out, it would be nice to see the “ELR love train” continue rolling down the line. (There’s always been so many great people here willing to help fellow members out!)

If someone wants to donate to his case, that would be great! If you have Wasps and need something for them (either in trade, or to cover shipping, or the cost of the atties) and are willing to help him out, let me know, and I’ll do my best to help make it happen!

Thank you again Nico! I appreciate your kindness brother!


Great to hear they made it! Glad I could help. I was hoping to try the wasp RTA, but love the simplicity of the nano RDA. And use them and Elder Dragons almost exclusively for every day carry. I know most either like the wasp or hate them.