WANTED : project sub ohm dna 200 box mod to buy

Hello i really like to buy a project sub ohm dna 200 box mod if any of you guys own it and got tired of it :slight_smile:

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By project box do you mean a DIY kit, or any DNA200 box you can grab the board from?

i mean this product my friend. http://www.vapordna.com/Project-Sub-Ohm-S200-DNA-200-200W-Box-Mod-p/pss200.htm

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OK, hadn’t heard of that one. Good luck with the hunt.

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Love the look but I am over built in batteries
Mostly because the charging port on my innokin mvp3.0 pro after 2 months cropped out
Also my evic-VT still working but real finicky
This project only 1300mah not enough for me to last on sub-ohm vaping

Liked it until I read the recommended wire Ni 200. Looks sweet.

Actually mine is closer to 1250 mAh but iirc that is per cell and it has three.I have 6 DNA 200’s and the Project Sub Ohm has the second largest battery capacity.
I have three with only 900 mAh ,VaporShark, Mini Efusion and a Protovapor Silo.My Axis Vapes M17 has 1100 mAh rating.My Wismec Reuleaux is the triple 18650 battery powered Dna200 and it has 3000 if you go by the Lg HG2 batteries.
On Dna200 mods you are better off going by the Watt hour rating.They range from 9 hours for the 900 ones up to 32 for the Reuleaux.

@nick38 , you probably already know this but the Project Sub Ohm is reportedly a HCigar VT200 with a small change in shape.The buttons and battery are reported to be the same.


I have used everything but Ni200 wire on all mine.With the Evolv Dna boards you can set it up for any wire as long as you have the tcr value.I currently am running Titanium grade 1 on three and 316L Stainless Steel on the other three.
I have a few factory coils left in Ni200 for some tanks but I try to avoid Nickel if at all possible.

Well I guess it is how you use them
I have a relaux go thru 2 battery changes a day lg and use the evic-VT some

Not DNA model
These 2 my all day devices just hard to charge the VT

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It is , I take the Vaporshark and the Protovapor to work.Together they will last me over my ten hour shift.I sub Ohm .006 Titanium at average of 65 watts and I go through 16ml of juice during that time so I hit it pretty hard.
The Vaporshark does have a advantage of having a 2.0 amp charger built in so I can fully charge it in 90 minutes if needed.
I like the ability to swap batteries as needed as well but I have never had any USB problem on any of the Evolv Dna200 boards.

Hello my friend, are you interested in selling me the project sub ohm? I am disappointed I can’t find anyone who owns it and is willing to sell it and speaking through heart this is the most beautiful mod ever made for me . I wish I had known about it when it came out . I’d be the happiest man if you could sell it to me . Wish you the best

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Let me think on it over the weekend @nick38. You don’t think Vapor Dna will be getting any more of them?

No they won’t make anymore of them. … it’s a shame man really , after all this search and countless money spent on mods I finally found the best looking mod that’s also dna 200 and now it’s gone . If you decide to sell it to me I’d be happy if not I understand it’s just a great mod. Looking forward to hearing from you.