Wanted to share this awesome mixer!

i just wanted to share this amazing mixer…it fits perfectly into the mouth of 30ml bottles and mixes up juice with a quickness…for only $11-12!!!


Yep, it’s been mentioned before :smile:

@quitter1 uses an engraving tool with twisted kanthal :smile:


I have a mini dremmel I used with that mixer tip. It will froth a mix in about 20 to 30 seconds. I like the tip but the motor was a little slow. This setup now is super fast.

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ordered ; )


I have the sane one…bought it for airbrush paint but never used it. … does a great job mixing juice and cuts steeping time way down!

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My Badger arrived yesterday, and its much smaller than I had imagined, but the damn thing WORKS! And it brings juice to a nice bubbly froth in seconds, wow!
Thanks for the suggestion, im happy to retire my kanthal mixer!

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