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Hey everyone,

I have been making juice for my wife and I for a a few years, but we vape simple one flavor juices (Peppermint and Menthol mostly). I finally got my Mom to switch to vaping, and I am trying to make her juice as well, she however is not so simple. lol She like fruity vapes, the first one she really liked with was from a local B&M called Nerdy. After talking to one of the employees I found out it has Strawberry, Grape and she said something sour( of course they won’t give out the exact recipe and I respect that) The sour part is the one thing Mom didn’t want. After a few trials we decided on Strawberry, Grape and a hint of Peppermint and recently we have added a few drops of Delosi’s mega sweet.

The reason for posting is the flavor is not strong enough for her, The recipe link above is what I am making her minus the few drops of mega sweet. I am already at 35% flavor, since I am fairly new to mixing multiple flavors I am looking for advice on how to make it stronger, should I just raise the concentrate level? (It just seemed to me that it was already pretty high.) Or does someone know of
another recipe that is better?

Not sure how much it matters but she is using the Cerberus and like to run at about 40 watts, it is to hot to her if we go much higher.

Sorry for the long winded post I am just worried about her going back to smoking, thank you in advance for any and all help.



These flavours are not ones I’ve used recently, though it looks like you are using far too much: When you add to much of a flavour it can easily result in it being muted.

Try dropping to 0.45% for the peppermint (still rather high). Take the strawberry to 2.75% and the grape around 1.85% . That should give you a solid base and you can adjust as needed.


It looks to me that the flavor is actually too high, when it gets that high, muting can occur because the flavors drown each other. Also, with the Cerebrus (which is my favorite tank), you actually need to lower the PG ratio, I like 60VG/40PG or 70VG/30PG. Here is one of my favorite recipes and it is an all day vape for me. Your ratio of 80PG/20VG will just create a liquid leaking mess unless you are using an MTL device, which the Cerebrus is not. Counter Punch recipe | All The Flavors


Am I correct, that extremely high %'s of flavors can actually cancel each other out?


This is the best group to ask any questions you have. I am very much a newbie to DIY’ing and lean on this group so hard, that I am squeezing them too tight, LOL.


Yes. That’s why I always suggest starting at very low percentages when crafting recipes: It’s much cheaper to add to a recipe than to throw it away.

As I tend to rely on Flavorah a lot, I have many dilutions of potent flavours: As mad as 0.08% of a 10% dilution in a recipe.


Thank you darlin’


I appreciate it, never thought about that I was using to much.


If you click on any flavor name, the flavor properties page will open showing you the average percentage used in recipes. You can use those numbers as a starting point and adjust to taste from there.


If she’s recently switched from cigs to vaping, her tastebuds may be numb and it will take awhile to adusts to flavors. This is one that I used in the past that satisfies a fruit only craving (i’m more into fruit dessert flavors). What I do is create a one shot and then adjust how much of it I use in a mix.
For example, I’ll throw it all together to make a 30ml one-shot according to the recipe which calls for 20% flavoring but is too much flavor for me now) and pour in 17% of that as my total flavor. No messing with individual flavor percentages (I know, I’m a heathen). See if that works for her.
I do add one drop of Inawera Kactus per 10/ml of finished juice to round out the harshness of the peach which dries out my mouth and gives more of a juicy sensation.

Blue Balls

Ingredient %
Peach (Juicy) (TPA) 10.00
Raspberry, Sweet (TPA) 5.00
Sweetener (Sucralose/Maltol) (TPA) 5.00

Flavor total: 20%

Remember to rate it at e-liquid-recipes.com!


@Jeff23 Welcome to the forum. Lots of great folks here with a ton of experience and knowledge. @Lostmarbles is right. If she just quit smoking, her taste buds will take a while to recover. Finding flavors that are a sufficient substitute may be a journey, but a fun one. Be prepared for trial and error. And remember, finding out what doesn’t work is just as important as finding out what works. So glad you were able to get your mom to try vaping rather than smoking. That is fantastic.


Welcome and glad you joined.


@KC111 all KINDS of things can and will happen when you overflavor recipes. You can easily test this, with a solo flavor across numerous strengths. I have had many instances wherein the flavor starts to “fold over” on itself, and it / they can begin to taste VERY different. Some will push floral/soapy/perfumey, and eventually they will start to mute out, and these are examples of just a SINGLE flavor. When multiple flavors are used, even more variables / effects / issues can arise.

It’s not the end of the world, and you won’t blow you face off or anything, and it can be EASY to fix. You can meter out whatever portion OUT of the overflavored mix, and re-inject fresh pg/vg carriers, and you’re right back to a reduced percentage.


Welcome to ELR @Jeff23

35% is pretty high, even for a pod recipe.

We ALL did it Jeff. More is always better right ?


G’day @Jeff23, welcome to the forum buddy. Just let me preface first that I am in no way as knowledgeable as some here. I’ve been making my own juice for the last 4 or 5 years now and I’m still clueless so take what I’m about to say with a grain of salt OK?

Nothing worthwhile ever comes quickly or easily. Lots of good advice so far for sure but yeah, your %’s are way too high as others have said.

Your mom’s tastebuds are still repairing so it may take some time for her to adjust. I was a smoker for 40 years (started when I was 11) and my first juice was a simple strawberries & cream I used to import into Australia (when we could) from Vista Vapors (USA). I remember it was 18mg and 50/50. This has me thinking that maybe you could just get her some already made commercial juice while you’re playing around with developing something for her. Looking at new recipes daily on the recipe side is a goldmine of information and ideas.

If your mom likes “fruit vapes”, have you considered maybe making up single flavour testers? Things like apple, blueberries, oranges, passionfruits, mangoes, peaches, pineapples, raspberries, strawberries and so on. It might even be worth a shot combining different brands of the same fruit together in a tester. That is, make something up with 3 different brands of apple or 3 different brands of blueberry or 3 different brands of strawberries and so on.

You might even try adding other flavors to these to try and make them “pop” as they say. Adding banana to blueberry is supposed to help. Adding small amounts of pear to apple or small amounts of kiwi or dragon fruit to strawberries is supposed to help as well. I’ve even made notes that adding small amounts of INW cactus or TPA sour to almost any fruit works too. I mean, can’t hurt trying can it?

Anyway as I said, I’m no “gun mixer” by any stretch of the imagination but thought I’d throw in my 2c worth regardless. Best of luck with this buddy and fingers crossed you get this sussed out. Cheers.


Thanks D-man! @Jeff23 Session Drummer is one of the many people that is a must follow.


You’re very kind @KC111, thank you.


Would love to know if you are getting the newest FLV pack, but I don’t want to derail the thread. I am getting famous for derailing threads, aren’t I?


I don’t have them coming yet, and that might be a good thing, at least for now, as I’ve still got to finish the Duomei series, and then I have the entire CAP series to get through, and then the DIYFS series as well. WHEW.


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