Warcraft movie!

Just curious how many have seen the new Warcraft movie. I have not yet (so no spoilers!!!). Curious if it is good enough to warrant paying a shitload of money i dont really have to go see it in 3d and make a night of it or if its meh decent and just download it to watch at home. :wink: let me know what yall thought of it!
If it is worth it i may just go donate some plasma lol

Have’nt heard anything yet but the trailers look good. The Assassins Creed trailers look promising too.
Got an address for that plasma shop?

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Not sure if I’m ready for a Ragnar with a full head of hair!
My boys are big WOW players, so…maybe they will take Dad to
see it and pay. ( No, too much to hope for ).
Trailers look good.


Just watched it today with my lady. Turned out to be a pretty good movie. 4 out of 5 in my book at least.
Ragnar with hair was a bit strange to see, and it still felt like he was playing as ragnar somewhat. Very similar demeanor and style as in Vikings, though seeing him beside all them big Orcs he didn’t appear nearly as large a person as he does in Vikings, lol.
The story is on point with the original release of WoW and seems to work its way right up to where you would expect a sequal to follow along with the games release of Burning Crusade. Definitely open to a series of sequals, and I hope they do continue it.

Level 100 Night Elf Rogue Gnomeregan Realm. Wait I mean uhh uhm… World of Warcraft? What is that? Yes, well anyway, the trailers look awesome and I really want to see it too. Thanks for the review!

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i havent played wow since cataclysm really. I tried to get back into it later but too many changes had been made just didnt like it. i miss lich king days… Anyway my main character sits in limbo lvl 92 dranaei resto shaman doomhammer server

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