Warm, pepper, bitter notes

Is it the nicotine that creates this subtle note. I’m new to vaping and have noted with the mixes this flavour. Do you know what it is? Is it there for everyone or am I doing something wrong? Best way to deal with?

I will order a batch of flavours so that I can replicate a top recipe and get an idea of what is achievable. In the mealtime I am just single flavouring through my stash to get a idea of what I have.


Hi there!

What kind of base are you using? Maybe try vaping some of your base minus flavourings to rule this out? What flavours are you getting it in? - some can have a peppery note for some people - Vanilla Bean Icecream for example.



It’s just a standard VG based nic. 50/50 mix, yeah I was hoping someone would just say. Yeah we know about this, it’s the … And you just do this.

I’ll isolate the culprit then and report back. Appreciate the response.


Lolly nailed it , it is probably the nic and it is fairly common but certain flavors can cause it as well for certain people.
I don’t get it much from TPA Vaniila Bean Ice Cream but several do .TPA Vanilla Custard gives me the black pepper taste though.


TPA vanilla bean ice cream gives me the pepper taste and a pretty awful aftertaste too. I can’t use it at all

I’m steeping the VBIC for a month to avoid the pepper.

yes sir you are right both flves give me the pepper taste WHY OH WHY it smellscso good i wish i cld use it

I was told that no amount of steeping would help with it, so I just bought some FW and CAP instead

I was just about to tag you when I seen this topic come up again lol

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steeping seems to help but i cant remember gonna go home today and mix upnsome vbic and vc from tpa its been awhile

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Let me know how that works out. I still have a bottle of the stuff

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ya i have 2 or 3 15ml of vanilla custard bottles and a 60ml vbic

I don’t get that at all and i use that in lots of recipes and i can basically vape that stuff as a Shake n’ vape.

Seemingly it’s all down to genetics. Some people have it and some don’t

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follow up. I’ve lowered my nic a bit. Helped a lot.found 5mg is a good but I will try and bring it back up a little to find the max sweet spot.