Warning about the IPV400 and IPV6x

Was watching one of my Favoirte youtubers.
and he was showing that it´s a fault with battery reversal protection when putting batteries the wrong way around.

If u put the batterys in the wrong way the mod will automaticly fire at full wattage of what the device can handle.


Great share! Definitely worth spreading the word to folks.

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New word, or “the battery reverse”?
ie: it´s a fault with " " protection

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Looks like this conversation (from the day before the above video) was the point of origen (props to Mike and Local Vape for letting the community know):

EDIT: Not trying to “one-up” you btw, just adding info to hopefully credit the original source! :wink:

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@Nappen good stuff. Sure could be a problem lol.

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Not sure this is the case any more i just reversed the batteries in my ipv 6x and it wouldn’t turn on