Warning! Efest 3000mAh 35A now uses a 10A cell!

Guys, please please stick to known reputable manufacturers and batteries like Samsung 25R, LG HG2, LG HE2 and LG HE4 - and the other reputable ones of course. This is a status shared by Mooch on Facebook:

WARNING: The Efest 3000mAh “35A” battery now uses a 10A cell!

The Efest that I gave a 20A rating to in my Nov 5, 2015 test has been replaced by what appears to be a LG MH1. This is a 10A cell!

Dammit Efest!

This was brought to my attention by /u/karmapopsicle from the electronic-cigarette subreddit. To be honest, I didn’t think the pictures he had showed that Efest had switched cells. But he was correct on all counts. He was kind enough to send two cells to me and they clearly show that Efest is using a different cell which appears to be the LG MH1. Thank you karmapopsicle!

The anti-counterfeit codes were checked for both of the new cells. They are genuine Efest cells.
I am frakkin’ pissed off! Efest, this is truly despicable behavior. Giving a 20A cell a 35A rating is bad enough. Now you’re doing it with a 10A cell? How the hell do you people live with yourselves?

My sincere thanks to /u/karmapopsicle. The credit for discovering this goes 100% to him.

Test results, discharge graph, photos: https://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/threads/warning-efest-purple-35a-3000mah-is-now-a-10a-battery.720251/

My Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Mooch-1636157550007158/

All my test results to date: https://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/blog-entry/list-of-battery-tests.7436/

Actual current ratings and the Safety Grades table for all the batteries I have tested: https://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/blog-entry/18650-safety-grades-picking-a-safe-battery-to-vape-with.7447


If Mooch says so then it is. Not sure why anyone would buy a rewrap anyways…


Wow, that’s such bullshit! As far as I’m concerned EFest won’t get a cent out of me.

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I’m ok with their rewrapped chargers though. :wink:

But yeah this is bad used car salesman sleazy.

I bought some Efests, just because a couple of months back. I didnt know anything about them. They last about 5 minutes and are worthless. If I even sort of cared I’d see if these are the cells I have, but they are not worth my time. Enjoy the slide into the abyss Efest. . .isn’t it appropriate that I bought them to power an eXcube? One big pile of crap right their.

The new green 25R5’s are RAD though.


Could buy a couple Ultrafire Xml-T6 flashlights for them to go in. Amazon has a 2 pack for 15 bucks, small little torch that is incredibly bright. I have a dozen of these lights for the cars, bugout bags and house. If you choose to do so select one of the US vendors or it will take forever. And just an FYI they are no where near 1000LM, my tests showed about 275-300LM, still bright enough to blind you.

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I can confirm this! I found a seller on amazon selling that very flashlight for $5…I bought 10 of them! Excellent flashlight, with 5 different modes! Extremely bright flashlight using a single 18650 battery…I use batteries salvaged from old laptop batteries…

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As do i, i run a computer repair and custom build shop out of my home, ive got a few hundred 18650’s ive reclaimed. The best of the are the Panny CGR18650’s, great 10a batts.


I own 4 efest batts and will never buy another efest as long as i live. atrocious.

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this is really absurd!!! I can’t believe a company would do something like this with all the looming regulations that threaten our ability to continue!!! like we need a bullshit bunch of assholes doing something like this and that’s not even the safety of our fellow vapers!!! they will never ever get any support from me I will bad mouth these dirtbags every chance I get!!! :rage::rage::rage::rage:


Here here. Well said. As will i. [quote=“quitter1, post:10, topic:40798”]
y will never ever get any support from me I will bad mouth these dirtbags every chance I get!!! :rage::rage::rage::rage:


I have never trusted Efest! Now the proof is in the pudding!


Nkon.nl doesn’t have any samsung 25R in stock at the moment, they also say per 12-28 the price will go down. In the meantime they recommend Sony Konion US18650VTC5 3.7V 2600mAh (15C)
Does anyone have any experience with those?

Damn thats wild… Happy I stocked up on sonys when they came back around… Still have some efest from that time I use in my box, just not the mech. They looked too flashy to trust haha

Authentic VTC’s are hard to come by but if you can find them they are great batts. LG makes some fantastic batts too, i pretty much stick with LG or Sammy.


Thanks for the tip. Nkon.nl is a reliable seller and they have a batch of them for a good price at the moment. Normally they cost 7.95 euro, now 4.45.

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Lg he 4’s are my goto batts now. I think there better than samsung 25r (just my opinion) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

These are the best batteries I have had in this device. They weigh 46 grams and hit at 100 joules till she says low battery. That’s more than I can say for any color other than purple at the moment. 30ml a day. Pains me to say that, I’m not supporting efest, maybe mine are early models???

Not sure about that but I am sure that mine perform fine, bought them in February of last year…

Have you tried any LG HG2s? The complaint on eFest isn’t that they are bad. It’s that they don’t manufacture their own batteries. They buy them from manufacturers and rewrap them in pretty purple. These are quite possibly batteries that didn’t pass quality control standards for the original manufacturer. Then they put whatever stats on the battery they want. So, the real issue is you never know what you are getting. Why pay full price for that? It’s not like they are cheaper than a battery from a manufacturer that guarantees the quality of the battery and runs their own quality control.