Warning on LorAnns Lemonade is false

The MSDS I was sent from LorAnns states Lemonade is water soluble.


That is good news considering it is the bomb diggity and I have been vaping it for ages :laughing:


Yeah lol… it was in my starter kit and I’ve vaped it over 2 years now. When that pink lemonade recipe got big, I was like “about time you guys figured it out” lol.

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It’s also possible that they have since reformulated, and decided not to change the name… Just spitballing here.

A few of their standard fare offerings have an identically named counterpart which are on various folks “DNV list” (Do Not Vape).

For example (off the top of my head):
Raspberry and Strawberry (one version is colorless/natural, other version has artificial coloring added)

The recent LA colorless trend is fairly new however, and might be only to certain vendors who can put in a custom request (such as no added coloring or no corn syrup, etc) with a big enough order to make it worth LA’s while. So it might also be a limited/vendor specific thing too. /shrugs Your guess is good as mine though. I just hope the trend continues with LA!!

Either way, it’s probably worth @daath looking into!

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The source for that warning was an ECF post (as you can see on the warning itself) - I’ve requested MSDS sheets from LorAnn, so let’s see what comes of that :slight_smile: If I get them, I will update the flavor database. Until then it is not soluble in water :wink: hehe

Where do you see that? I am looking at it, and under “Solubility” it says miscible which isn’t the same as soluble… It also says “Water: N/A” under solubility. I just skimmed a few SDS-sheets, but it looks like most of them are miscible with water, so you might be right :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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