Washing Empty Bottles

Hey there everyone. I searched the forum but didn’t see this addressed . What is the best way to wash glass and plastic bottles? I let them soak in hot soapy water for a good 30 minutes before I clean them, but most still have a faint smell of the previous liquid when I’m done. I just started making liquid last week and I’m hooked. I gotta say this site is killer… I love it. :thumbsup:


I usually soak my bottles overnight in hot soapy water. From what I hear plastic absorb flavors and it’s nearly impossible to get all the smell out. I’m trying to use the least amount of plastic as possible. I try recycling plastic with the same flavor as before. But I mostly use glass now.


My wife has put me onto a good little tip.

Cold water helps remove smells.

I didn’t believe it until I washed out some LDPE 30ml’s I had used with cold water first and then soap washed them with warm water afterwards.

Like brand new bottles again.

This is a reason why you should wash your onion or garlic smelling hands in cold water first as warm water can lock the smell in for longer.


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Both vinegar water and baking soda water (but not together lol) will remove odors. I usually just fill a bucket with hot soapy water, swish em around a bit, shake each bottle individually with some soapy water in it, transfer to another bucket filled with plain water, rinse till the soap is gone, air dry.

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Thanks for the responses. I’ll give your suggestions a shot. Cold baking soda water sounds like it could be a winner. Maybe soaking in cold baking soda water for a bit, then washing in soapy water.