Wasp Nano, RDA - review by eStorm

Disclaimer: None applies here since I purchased this RDA myself but at least once a day we’re seeing the question from beginners as well as veterans, asking how we test our flavors or mixes in general. Guaranteed there always be three answers. And one of these options is the Wasp Nano, RDA. So I thought why not make a review and see if the older Wasp Nano can still compete with nowadays new drippers.

Description: The Wasp Nano by Oumier was designed for flavor, this RDA is one of the smaller ones, with a overall dimension of only 22x 22.5mm. The build deck itself is 22mm and depending on the color you’ve purchased, this deck will arrive in either silver, gold, black or oumier’s new addition rainbow.

The Wasp Nano comes in a cute little box and includes a regular 510 pin as well as a BF pin for squonking and as usual you’ll get a bag with a couple of spare o-rings, flat head screw driver, cotton and one coil. The juice well is not very deep in comparison to newer RDA’s out there, but at a depth of roughly 5mm it’s still nothing to be concerned about.

Each RDA comes with a ultem top cap and is available in gold (yellow - semi transparent, fully clear), silver (white - semi transparent, fully clear), black or resin (orange hue, green hue and yellow hue’s). As always, if purchasing the resin edition, most vendors do not let you pick the hue’s, while others do, but even then the look of resin is unique, meaning that every RDA will have it’s own distinctive look.

Wasp Nano’s Build Deck:

The deck itself is more on the narrower side, with two open posts to the left and right of the deck. This can be a pro or a con, because even tho the overall size is just 22mm, this RDA was not designed for small coils. This deck benefits from wider coils. With that mentioned, using coils that are too wide won’t work either, and the same goes for the thickness of the wire. There are limitations.

One way to overcome this and being able to still use smaller coils is spacing them. But if you don’t like spaced coils, then leave the legs of your coils longer, enter one side in the post, then drag the whole coil across the deck over to the other side and tighten both screws. Now you can center your coil and it might still look a bit odd, but it would work.

Some people believe that the wasp nano is only for nano coils or very small diameters, but that is far from the truth, this RDA works great with ID’s of 2.5mm, 3mm and even 3.5mm (shown in the picture), depending on the wire used of course. It’s also not just for single round wire builds, even fancier coils can be used, as long as the wire is thin enough.

The open post design allows a variety of different builds and is designed to make it very easy and simple. Just take the legs of the coil and place them in each post. Coil legs have to face the opposite direction from each other for this to work tho, then fasten the screws and that’s it.

There’s not much of a difference flavor wise but there’s a chance of running into well known issues and one of them is spit back, and large amounts of liquid being sucked through the drip tip. Hence my suggestion of using a minimum of 3mm coils but that’s totally up to anyone preference of course.

The Airflow:
Fully Open:

closed half :

Well this RDA is extremely airy to be quite honest, and can be a huge con for some people. I don’t mind it personally, but closing the airflow down to ¾ or half way can be more satisfying. However the heat will increase as well, and if you don’t like warm/hot vape then this might not be the best solution, way around that would be using a 510 drip tip.

No matter if your airflow is wide open or half way closed, there’s is this annoying and loud whistling noise, that seems to never end. But it’s avoidable, if the cotton is cut with a bit overhang, you’ll be able to fold the ends a tiny bit underneath the coil, without covering the airflow of course. Doing so, will remove the whistling noise. If you are using your wasp nano as squonk RDA, use the same method, however make sure you’re not covering the hole in the middle of the deck lol


Removing the RDA from your mod can become a challenge at times, or at least for some of us, because the top cap is quite loose and the only way to remove the RDA is squeezing the top cap a little while turning it. Same goes for the airflow, depending on the mod and I noticed this frequently with my squonk devices, the RDA would always unscrew when adjusting the airflow. Only way to fix that is turning the cap counter clock wise, or lifting it up and putting it in the correct place. For me that is not a big problem as long as I don’t forget it.

The Drip Tip:

The top cap is your drip tip :slight_smile: , all wasp nano rda’s do not come with a extra drip tip or drip tip adapter and the reasoning for that is, it doesn’t need one. The cap gets more narrow on the top, forming a wide bore 510 drip tip. If your rda is wicked and coiled correctly, you can use it as is, but if heat is not your friend or you would like it more restricted etc, you can use a separate 510 drip tip. All you have to do is plug it in the already existing drip tip and you’re good to go.

Here are some examples of using a extra drip tip, please note I only used these too show how it would look like, personally I prefer the built in drip tip, because I noticed a flavor loss when applying the other tips. Maybe using a shorter one might be better, but it’s subjective and use whatever you prefer.

Overall the Wasp Nano is a bit restrictive, making it a good choice for both MTL as well as DL vapers.
It’s also very forgiving and beginner friendly or for people that are just getting into RDA’s. Depending on experience setting this up will take around 3 – 10 minutes without much of a hassle, and its single coil :slight_smile:

One more pro is the attractive price, if purchased from china we’re looking at around $9-$11 depending on vendor and in most cases free shipping. This is without sale of course and having an additional sale on top of that, might just make it even more affordable.

US vendors sell them at around $15 - $19 depending on vendor, some have free shipping and others don’t, here again this is without a sale being in place.

Now the question we’re all waiting for, does the Wasp Nano RDA compete with newer flavor rda’s? My answer is absolutely. This little dripper is a absolute gem that doesn’t get noticed very often, or is surrounded by misinterpretation. Even tho, some people run in the problems mentioned above, I did include a couple tip and tricks, that might be helpful.

If you’re interested in the Wasp Nano, RDA take a look at some of these vendors listed (I am not affiliated with any of these, neither are they in a particular order) or check out any other online source. Thank you for reading.

Fast Tech
Heaven Gifts
Gear Best



I was considering one of these but decided to hold off because of the very things you mentioned. Heat and spitback. I’m no tootie-puffer (not that you are), but I could see it being a problem for me. Whistle noise bugs me also.
Awesome review but I’d rather not have to futz with something to get it to my liking…
and the Wasp sounds like it’s a futz’er.
BTW, I wrongly assumed you were male. Unless those are your GF’s fingernails in the pics!


Thank you for leaving a comment, Zen :wink: I do have to admit that using the wasp nano for the first time a while ago, it was an adjustment. Especially if normally vaping on atomizers that have a wide bore 810 drip tip and ridiculous airflow options lol. But in this case it does fit and I think a wider drip tip would have just turned that whole thing into a cheap rda, that wouldn’t be worth mentioning.

Anyways, I do understand your concerns and I am the same way, if something works without a problem then why bother getting something else. In this case it does work for me, but I do appreciate your thoughts and opinion.

I know and it makes it funny to me, but it does not bother me after all. I hate photo shopping my pictures, a lot of vendors do it and while it does look more professional, I am trying to show a more personal view of items on the market. Unfortunately that will include my hands, because believe it or not, I don’t have a atomizer stand :frowning:
Anyways, this comment did make me laugh, thank you for that. Next time I shall wear some gloves so I don’t ruin another persons assumption :wink:


On the contrary, I was pleasantly surprised. Don’t change a thing!


Great review, I am a proud owner of all models and variations of this, and by the way I got the orange resin to when I ordered. I have to say that the only one I don’t care for is the black one, Because the threads of the 510 are painted or may be anodized but are restrictive, I use AVS quad core fused 5 wraps with a 3 mm id diameter. comes in at .34, I think that placement of the coil and wicking are important for this one. They still are my favorite over many others I have. Etheon, Hadaly, O Atty, Dead Rabbit, Boaz, Velocity. Recurve(clone) and a few others, even some are dual , nothing I have comes close to the flavor I am getting with these and the build I am currently using. have to say unbeatable for the price.


Nice review, ty!

i have the PE cap version, maybe thar makes a difference.
No heat probs and no spitback here. But i am oldfashioned,
5 wraps spaced 26er A1@2.5mm, 0.7 Ohm, 17 Watt DTL with open airflow.

Compared to NARDA and NARCA i think the Wasp is the better choice.
Sry, cant hide i am a fan of that atty. Easy to use and good flavour.


Maybe I’m the odd ball here but I don’t that great of flavor off my wasp. I tried a couple different builds in it and set it aside. Maybe I’ll give it another shot.


@eStorm Great review, and very revealing to me. Nicely done.

@TorturedZen You stole the words right out of my mouth. :slight_smile:


Great review, I’m one of those that always use the wasp for flavour testing, even if I found another RDA with better flavour, it has sort of become my reference point to which I compare everything else.

I also always use a 510 tip, not because of heat or spitback, it actually runs cooler than most of my other rda’s, but because I hate how the unpolished ultem feels against my lips. It probably wouldn’t be a problem if I had a resin version instead … :thinking:


Naw I think it is about the same lol, not a big texture difference, at least not for me…


Love your nails, and the fine review, thanks for the information. :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


Don’t feel bad, if it’s not working for you then that’s ok. Same I responded above, this is a easy RDA however if you have to bend backwards to make it work for yourself, maybe not worth your time.

However as mentioned by others the coil placement does play a role here, if you would like us to look at your build/placement and see if we can give some advise, go ahead and post it here. But again it’s really up too you.

I welcome both opinions, and rather have this pointed out as well, so that others that might look for the product or need some help with it, can get some input. Would be boring if we all agree on the same hardware :wink:

Thank you everybody else for the feedback, much appreciated. :hugs:


Just tried this little hack on my Wasp and it really helps cut down the airflow, improves flavor and eliminates the whistle!


I hope they keep selling this rda for a while because it’s been on my wishlist for too long.
Since Ohmboy Josh’s review, back in april last year, I’ve really been eyeballing this baby…
I didn’t hear any whistling in most reviews I saw though. That’s a big con for me :frowning:


Very good review. I just got one last week to test flavours and it’s a good little rda. I definitely wouldn’t say it’s restricted though and that whistle is fucking annoying.


Great flavor. I only use mine for testing though. For daily use I prefer my Druga.


Who the heck even needs an Atomizer stand anyway, right? :grinning: I’m glad you did this, it really does showcase how awesome the Wasp is, and probably doesn’t get recognized as it should as a pretty decent flavor RDA. I actually love it, the flavor surprised me a bit too. I don’t get spit back at all, but that’s probably due to my wire choice. I’m using Triple Core Twisted, 32×3/40g so not a huge wire, but the flavor is still optimal for my wattage range.

@IzNoGoat I have been using a drip-tip as well, and for the same reason, I find the finish on my lips feels a little unnatural, it’s not a fully smooth surface. I’m thinking the clear/transparent caps may fix that issue for you and me though. I bet they are really smooth to the touch, and would probably feel better.

Oooh, also Myvaporstore just got a new shipment, as well as the transparent white and gold versions. $12.99


Great review I just grabbed one and never building before I had it up and running probably within 10 minutes. I used Kanthal 24awg from lightning vapes and the cotton that came with it. 6/7 raps gave me a .66 ohm and I’m vaping at 30 watts. Not sure the gauge of the screw driver I used to rap it.I’ll take any advise for building this. Thanks @eStorm and everyone.


It doesn’t look to me that you need more advise, since you are vaping it :wink:

Welcome to building your own things lol. Let me know how it goes and if you have questions or like anyone to comment, feel free to do so. I’m happy my review could help somebody, all what matters really.


Great job on the review. So great I had to order one and 2 additional resin caps. For the price, you can’t really go wrong.