Watch My Hemp Build Age

Hi All,

I am probably somewhat notorious for letting my builds go many months before rebuilding. I thought Id post a picture in a thread every week to see how the build looks as it ages. This is that thread. Let me know when you’d rebuild it.

The build is 8.5 wraps on 4mm, hemp wick. Please dont take anything I do as advice. With that disclaimer, my build after 2 days:

1 week, 24Apr18, after ~70ml 40%PG

2 weeks, 30Apr, +80ml of 40% PG, 150ml total

3 weeks, 7 May +50ml of 40% PG, 200ml total

Doh! Busy!

Nearly 6 weeks, +180ml of 40% PG, 380ml total

Sorry Im failing at weekly photos. 30 June, maybe 250ml more, 40% PG, since the dry-burn cleaning from last photo (in thread below).

10 Jul 18 One more week of not-good tasting hits and I took a few minutes to rinse in hot tap water. Sorry that I forgot to pull out the wicks here, but I do in the “after” photo below. Didnt have a chance to dry-burn, i was heading out when I snapped these pics.



27 Jul Roughly 600ml total 40%PG…plus 30ml of menthol since I rinsed on 10 Jul.

The build was tasting off to me so I decided to rinse. First pick is a couple days later on the build above with the wicks pulled out. In the course of aggresdively rinsing the wicks I blew them to pieces. I sorted them out and cleaned them…but they were matted and funky feeling. Check out the mostly dried used wick next to the virgin hemp below:

While I have used this wick for even longer, I did notice the performance lagging for the last 200ml or so. It would have continued to be ok for at least another 100ml, but I had time to rewick. Normally I rebuild when the coil gets to crusty, but the addition ofvthe dry burn seems to take care of the coils for now. Finally, here is the atty with new wicks. Ill not be updating this thread further.


Funny I rewicked 2hrs after u did then but although i can rinse and reuse most of the wicking which this cheap ass does, i tend to dry hit a lot. Dry hitting to the point of burning the threads contacting the coil so only can save, rinse the outer layers and combine w/ new material for final wick diameter.


At least with hemp it is the most forgiving dry hit there is.


Absolutely that why i dont recognize it and i dont usually have my wick drownig like mr. weasel does, thats nature of the atty to not too, i burn it a lot, all good tho. Btw while this gets attention that woody flavor we try to mask gets only into 1-2 mls and i miss it when running 'bacco mix thru!


I recently tried hemp wick. Does the earthy flavor fade ?


fades fast 1-2 mls but whats best is doent hold flavors, i drip 5 diff mixes of totally diff profiles a night in same dripper!


chuckle and yes i eyed up your stash before i sent it on to the proper owner…


Yes it does. I know it’s kind of funky but the end results are worth it. I recommend a strong flavor to start with and then you can switch to something milder. There is little to no ghosting with hemp. I’ve went from a strong menthol to a custard.


we are animals tho…


Tis why i was so happy about the themis being able to wick w/ hemp in that beast but runs w/ rdas being able to drip whatever u want will be quickly be your fav wicking. I tried in a few tanks but u cant fluff to fill wicking holes to either stop dry hits or leaks so that the trade off, i an successfull in a few botton air flow ones so far but makes u want more top ones now…tanks tho, hate tanks…enuff said


Like I say in the tutorial thread and elsewhere, to wick a tank you must choose a coil ID to accomodate enough hemp to adequately fill the juice channels. If you do this, you can wick a tank without leaks for many months, just like an RDA.

If I can wick a Bellus and it not leak, anything is doable.


@therabidweasel what wire size and type ?

I would hate to show pic of some of my RTA’s still being used, that need rewick and coil build !!!


For me that relates to re - wicking at least 3 or 4 times.

You know I had to say it brother.

I would love to love hemp wicking just because I believe in supporting the Hemp Industry in every way that I can.

BUT I love to vape stuff that gunks coils way to fast to use hemp.

I think this will be interesting to follow and thanks for putting this out there for everyone to see.


If I say I drove my car for 10 days on one tank of gas, what does that tell you?

Answer = Nothing! You need to know how many miles, how many gallons, what kind of driving.

So, when you say you used a coil/wick for 2 days, that tells us nothing. We need to know how much juice, what kind of juice, and how you drive. 20 mils of 30/70 juice full of sugar at 100 watts, or 10 mils of 50/50 tobacco at 10 watts?


I have far to much insight to how he drives so I will wait to let him answer you. I will say this, my imagery is a Bugatti Veyron…on the Bonneville Salt Flats.


didnt have to look but just to be certain 1200hp, “Honey. check out the scenery” only in utah where the flat lasts more then a split second


You are correct in your scientific way of thinking but sry if i thought u came off as rude.The bottom line here is that the wick outlives the coil, if ya need more info on that then there is plenty of info here on ELR. Gl to u!
@wvsanta sry if i believe u missed info where u can reuse the wick, cheaper for u, cheaper for the environment


Patience. This will be a shotin of photos mate. Im going to give juice consumption and ratio (maybe even travel mileage, which would be huge) with each pic. I was thinking maybe also link the recipes of the week.

Sit back and take a gander as this will be a chat over months. I last wicked this in October 2017. We have time to discuss.

Roughly 10-15ml/day consumption, 40%PG. My hits are 100-150ul of juice per cloud. You can math an answer to most questions from that. The detailed setup is dangerous enough that I dont feel comfortable posting it for the great unwashed (not you guys, you’re cool. It’s them.). Its not reckless by any stretch, but you can definitely hurt yourself playing with LiPo mods and Ive some very specific safety measures that are particular to the build.

But none of that is really the point and I dont care who uses what wick guys, although hemp is better than whatever crap wick “you’re” vaping :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Back in the day few were aware hemp was an option. I couldnt find any information so I started working with it myself.

I thought this would make a nifty thread. No one get emotional over my slideshow, ok? Its mostly for my future entertainment and Im curious to see when people start recommending rebuilding as Im no longer sure.


2 week bump. Anyone think it’s time yet?

The near coil shows signs of getting too hot. It had a loose screw, so I just tightened it.


We want pictures :smiley: