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Watch out Starbucks!


Get ready my fellow coffee snobs, many Baristas may want to start polishing up their resumes. SkyNet has become self aware !!!


Good maybe now they can start making decent coffee.


Damn, I thought you were gonna say that some chain has decided to permit vaping. :frowning: I wanna vape with my coffee!


I think it’s more likely one day you’ll take the coffee to a chain of vaping lol


Oh craps. Looks like you and me have to go level Cyberdyne now. Let’s trash that place!


@jay210 Sign me up !!!


Well that robot just replaced 5 or 6 teenagers.


Maybe it won’t over roast the beans like StarBucks rutgut.


But I want to see them ask: Your name is?


By the time it’s cost-effective for robots to make coffee, there won’t be any more coffee. :cry:


and neither will there be any customers, cos we’ll all have lost out jobs to robots :frowning: