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Watch your GeekVape G-Box Squonker. Possible hazardous failure mode


This morning I went to refill the bottle in one of my G-Box squonkers. Pulled the bottle only, filled it, and replaced it. When I closed the battery/bottle door I gave it a firm push to ensure it was latched and the device started constantly firing. The control PCB was not turned on. I removed the batteries, let the unit cool and replaced them. Again continuous firing. I fully disassembled the device and found no signs of faulty components or wiring. I have sent emails to both GeekVape US and China.

Obviously this is a potentially hazardous failure mode that could cause damage to users and property. The firing was intense and heated the entire upper portion of the unit rapidly.


Thanks for pointing that out. A friend of mine couple days ago ran in the same problem, as well as his 510 constantly having a problem.

We all thought it was due to the heat, since we took it to the lake and while it wasn’t exposed to sun or/and direct light the 104F made me think that it fried the box.

Now I’m reading this and wonder if the heat was not even the issue, but rather faulty product. I haven’t used mine in a long time, in fact I only used it the first month, never again after since it wasn’t performing great to begin with, but I’ll take a look at it and see if I get same issues.

Thanks again, hope geekvape will answer your ticket. Keep us updated please.


Absolutely will do. I’m not as interested in what the problem is as I am interested in GeekVape knowing and addressing the fact it exists. This occurred with normal usage. Not dropped, not wet, no abusive treatment.


Thanks @SmilingOgre, we definitely need more folks like you pointing out potential issues (especially the freaking hazardous ones). You are essential man. :+1:


Oh, I like that! Ogre, the essential man… You are much too kind!


Yeah he’s a walking PSA alright. Except that he eats people too.


I don’t see an issue here.


I didn’t say I did either.


Yes, but he is pretty helpful, so let’s weigh the benefits vs. the eating people. :blush:


Agree on that. Besides, I’m tough and grisly; he wouldn’t want me.

So, both my GBOX’s act the exact opposite; when I push up on the closed battery door, they shut off. I did not think, of course, this is intended behavior. I figured I was just interrupting the circuit somehow. But this constant autofire is definitely troubling. Let’s hope its a one off and not something GV knows about but would rather us not know about.


That has got to be one of the most hilarious comments I’ve seen yet. That entirely cracks me up. Love it!


We have two instances already. This is obviously infrequent but unfortunately not a “one off”. I was hoping the same. Real unfortunate. I really enjoy the unit.



GeekVape came through and I believe is doing the right thing. I have been informed that engineers are looking into the incident. That is the best I can anticipate. They took care of the case without challenge or exception to my investigating the problem as well.


See? Essential. :wink:


I regret my Aegis legend purchase.
It’s a shame as consumers we can’t push mod makers to either use components and chips that are known to work.

I would be alot more at ease knowing my Aegis had components made by Wismec/Joytech.
But at end of day, only chip maker that imho cares about safety is Evolv.
Aside from squonks, I think I am done with non Evolv chips.

Also, not trying to advert for them, but their “warranty” is awesome. I bought a Lost Vape Triade I didn’t need, tested it noticed the resistance was off by .05.
Sent it to Evolv and they fixed Lost Vape’s mistake. You cant do that with any other mod.

Hopefully Evolv has half a head and makes a 99% efficient 1 battery chip.
Im sure mod makers would love it and we would too.


I wouldn’t trust wismec either. Lol. That being said I would and do trust yihi boards and gene boards.


Bumping this topic, as I somehow missed it. Did my fair share of bottle/door smashing during my testing and did not have this issue, but none the less, VERY important to know it DID happen. Thanks @SmilingOgre.