Water based flavourings?

Is it possible to use water based flavouring when mixing my own e liquid? I would normally use pg vg flavouring but ordered this without reading the label.


You ordered what? If you meant to say water soluble flavoring then yes they are fine and dont have to be pg or vg based but ones containing alcohol might be undesirable for some.


Thanks for the reply. I ordered Classickool concentrated flavouring.


Is there a list of ingredients you could take a picture of and upload here? I couldn’t find one anywhere on the web.


I tried that a few years ago and it bombed with not enough flavor plus it was too thin. I did not add any PG either. in my mixes, I never add PG anyway cause it bothers me but with a water based flavor, I think adding extra water is not good. with my flavoring running at 9% and below, I will add up to 1% distilled water just to improve wicking as to avoid dry hits but strictly using water based flavor was a disaster…maybe you will have better results


Might want to get in touch and see if they can refer you to the SDS (formerly known as MSDS) sheets for your purchased flavors.
re: https://www.classikool.com/pages/about-us-contact-us
I would want to avoid anything other than accepted carriers along with flavoring in your purchased concentrate contents.


A lot of people (especially cooks and bakers) use water based and water soluble interchangeably. The main thing you need to be concerned with when buying flavors is; is it water soluble or is it an essential oil. You have heard oil and water don’t mix, well oil and lungs don’t mix either. An essential oil is a hydrophobic liquid containing volatile compounds. In the lungs an oil will block the transfer of oxygen to the alveoli where it is picked up by red blood cells. This is bad. Peanut oil is a essential oil. Its great for frying fish (if your not allergic) but a bad choice to add peanut flavor in a vape. There is one more thing to be aware of. Some extracts contain substances you don’t want to vape. For instance the pure vanilla extract in the kitchen cabinet may contain corn syrup or high fructose corn syrup. First step. Find a vendor that caters to the DIY community


Except that essential oils are generally not oil as fats or lipids even though some essential oil products do use carrier oils. But hey, still don’t use even pure essential oils because they are way too concentrated for useful eliquid manufacturing in small batches.

Definitely don’t use oil based flavours like often used in cooking.

Frankly, I’d just bite the bullet and go for the usual suspects here.
Worse things can be done than to go all FA for example. Pretty cheap from chef’s with the flavour creative rebottles.


I tried amoretti oil based flavor as an experiment last year. He company said it’s safe to use and some mixers use that. I don’t see how they did cause it’ was one of the worst ideas I came up with last year. Horrible horrible flavor, shit stuck to the tank, stuck to my bottle. Tasted like deep fried flavoring. Lol sooo sick!