Water, vodka and PGA - What's it for?!

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If you are doing a mix with maximum VG, the liquid may be too thick for your taste, or for your atomizer of choice. You can use either of those to thin your liquid. Pure VG mixes are often thinned with 1-15% distilled water. Some mix in vodka or PGA to add a little kick to it - this is especially useful in low nicotine liquids, as it can add a little of the missing throat hit :smile:

If anyone has anything to add or correct, please feel free to contribute :smiley:

I just did not notice any mentionings of vodka being added, should disclosures be placed on
the labeling. I am setting up an upscale lounge to which, we will have a living room
setup for Cigar, and Vapers to relax, be served constitutionals, and be able to select pipes,
of Vape apparatuses to enjoy a smoke.

I want to provide a professional ambiance, and be able to have the supplies needed, produced

by us for them to have available.

Can you explain PGA in more detail ---- can you recommend a recipe that you think works
for starters, and then I can play with others. I need a recipe that provides a workable
flow of vapor, and taste. How does the dripping work? Is the Mod Box a higher level
of smoking apparatus?

Pure Grain Alcohol (aka Everclear 190 proof) carries the flavor the same way PG would but it has a much higher evaporation rate. Just keep in mind, it also has a very low flash point. I never mess with it, but from what I have read, it enhances flavoring more than Propylene Glycol.

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