Watermalone Custard King mix

Has anyone ever mixed the two? New to mixing my own as of yesterday and don’t want to get too crazy into the mixology of it yet! The only flavors I bought were Watermalone and custard king thanks to the YouTube videos from Wayne how could I not?!

But has anyone mixed the two I think it could be a cool match? I love my fruity vapes all day long. Sometimes I switch to a desert. When I find myself filling my falcon 2 tank up with some desert left with a sweeter vape I always like that flavour!


Hello and Welcome :slight_smile:

you will find that DIY is all about experimenting . mix a small batch, 10ml perhaps, let it set a few days and try it. go from there.

do you have any sweetener ?


For me personally No it wouldnt be great but like @jinx_d said it is all abiut experiment and finding whats good for you


I do not have sweetener yet no. Also my 500ml batch of kings custard is steeping so I won’t be able to try it for another month!! I will order sweetener. Was actually looking at alternatives from Amazon but not sure how sound that is. Thanks for the welcome!


500ml :flushed:. let me ask you = what if you don’t like it ?

alternatives ? to what ? there are a few sweeteners out there. but you would be wise to get “the standard” = Cappella Super Sweet. and i have found amazon to be the most expensive for flavors, but that was a while ago, so idk now. go to bullcityflavors.com


Like a lot of folks on this forum, at any time I’ve got from 6 -10 vapes I can pick up and hit. Sometimes I lose track of what’s in what, especially because all my tanks and rda’s are from Wotofo. I’ve mixed many juices into others that have no business being together, yet almost always it tastes just fine to me.



Guess you’re the one who’ll be vaping it though so if your tastebuds say yes, mix 'em and find out!


Yeah, I keep a written list now of what is in each tank. Not everything mixes well in my line up… LOL


He must already know he likes it :thinking:

@BigsVaper Jinx’s point is correct though: usually you’re better off creating small mixes (as low as 10-15mL even) if you’re unsure how they will turn out.

And always mix with a scale by grams- just forget about mL they’re pointless: drug scales are very cheap and most of the ones everyone here uses only go down to .00 accuracy but if you can find one with .000 accuracy by all means buy it - I’m just not entirely sure the extra 0 will be much use when a drop is anot the smallest unit we can use - practically - and a drop is whatever it weighs, so even if you had scales that can measure .000 there’s still not much use that I can see unless people have found a way to control the exact size of a droplet coming out a bottle-tip?

Saves a bunch of wasted materials.


My Fav custard is CAP Vanilla Custard V1 as a single flavour. 10% in 70VG and steeped for at least 2 months.

One of my 3 “mix in 500ml” ADV’s.


Fuck that’s a long time… 2 months… I will have finished any custards I mix before two months is up, especially ones that taste good :scream:

Tonight’s Crunchy Nut shit - that’ll taste pretty good I’m sure and even better after a 2 month steep but as it ages and tastes increasingly better, I’ll increasingly find it hard to NOT vape …

Dunno how you all manage to avoid tasty liquids for so long :smirk:


…I’ve already decided on my basic amounts - from most to least:

  • Biscuit Base
  • Fresh Milk
  • Acetyl Pyrazine
  • Sweet Honey
  • Sweet Cream

That won’t last 2 months, especially if it’s as good as it’s looking on paper…

And I could drop the Sweet Cream, but I’m thinking I’ll need to double-up on the dairy since the milk alone needs a little boost to be, milky.

And heaps of Biscuit - like 5%…

It’s only the AP I’m undecided on: it’ll easily overtake everything if I add too much, but I want ot to be a nutty juice, so I need enough for that.


I start them at 2 months and usually take 2 more months to go through 500ml.

Oh, have 500ml steeping whilst 500ml being used.


What is biscuit base?


VTAs version of Graham Cracker I assume by the smell and name.

I have not tried it solo yet though and though I’ve added it to one or two mixes, I haven’t tried it at a high enough percentage to be dominant or rather - the mixes I’ve used it in have had other flavours at a high enough % to mute it a fair amount.

Part the reason why I’m using that as the highest percentage: I’ve created mixes where several of the other flavours have been the highest % in the mix so far, but not the Biscuit Base so I’ll make that 5% for the crunchy nut cornflakes with the 2% Pyrazine boosting it - hopefully withouit overtaking it - since it’s a breakfast cereal I’m thinking the more cereal the better and Biscuit Base is pretty mild.

I also haven’t tried Shisha Banana as the highest % or dominant flavour, which I will do with the Banana Cream I’ll do, but I’ve also tried that in one or two hodge-podge mixes and I’m pretty happy with how UNlike the other Banana I’ve got in the cupboard.

The other one is the VapeKing banana I bought 2 years ago, and has a very candy-like flavour that is veeery strong: 2 drops and it seems to be all you can taste in a mix.

The Shisha Banana though - while I’ve kinda put it off because the Vapeking banana kinda put me off banana a bit - has a fulla but more rounded and softer banana flavour, and even in one mix where I added, well I don’t know exactly but a reasonable amount, it didn’t overtake the mix completely - it’s very much there but sort of hanging in the middle-background.

Ripe Banana - that’s the actual name of the Vapeking one, it’s not disgusting, it’s just SO strong and yeah candy-like in it’s flavour.

Certainly good value far as strength goes.

But the Biscuit Base, this will be the first mix I’ve mixed that’ll allow me to try it as the primary flavour, which I’ll assume will need a similar steep time to the custard and dairy?

It’s also yeah - I’ve got no other nut/cereal-based mixes, so I’m keen to - have one :slight_smile:

The Sweet Honey is good too: even at high amounts it doesn’t taste fake at all: tastes like actual honey.


Still eyeballing the percentages in excel while I re-wick a tank…

I’m doing another 50mL mix so don’t wanna make an obvious error in judgement for any of the five flavours,… I’ll get dinner then lock em in and mix!

If I had more flavours and more options for cereal flavours of course, I’d use something like corn bread or corn - anything - but the Pyrazine has a slightly corny flavour, so I’m hoping that’ll fill in the gaps the biscuit base is missing for a corn-flake flavour.

I’m also loving the Sweet Honey because it tastes sweet, which has mean I don’t need to use sucralose sweetener: haven’t used any at all since that Honey & Milk squirt-fest I made a week ago or so and won’t use when I remake it, if I can avoid it - though it did help the honey taste slightly sweeter, I think I only used 1 or 2 drops of sweetener in that anyhoo, and doubt I really needed that now I’ve used the honey in a few other mixes and seen I can use more honey without it getting weird.


Fuckin’ good value for a hoppy: even once you’ve decided on a recipe/juice you wanna mix and mixed it, you’ve got the flavour changes over time to check out - tasting from fresh-mixed to well-steeped and without doing anything more once you’ve mixed.