Wats everyones favorite pg vg mix ratio

Just wondering wat how everyone mixes. I have been using a 70%pg/30%vg mix

I go as high a VG mix as my tank will let me. Sometimes I have to mix a little pg with the juice to allow for an easy flow through some of the smaller juice channels.

I was using 70/30 pg /vg but I’ve found it irritates my throat …so I’ve stepped it down to 60/40 and have found it better but I’ll probably keep going down till I find my sweetspot

Exactly why I started going with a heavy VG mix. I’m a “2 pack a day” vaper, and the PG was getting to me. The PG in my Nic @12% and flavorings is enough PG for me.

I’m bumping down to 50/50, and my nic is a little peppery so that doesn’t help either …May even go 40/60pg/vg

I use a 50/50 mix on all my juices. I vape on an Istick 30W with an Aspire Atlantis and find this blend carries the flavor best and creates some huge clouds.

Maximum VG (only flavourings are PG) in a Goblin, 0.7 ohms at 25 watts.

Doing 40pg/60vg right now. Higher VG gives me slight cough. Higher PG =sore throat. JMO
Work in progress.

With a Nic that isn’t peppery I like 35 pg / 65 vg. The pg will make my throat sore and dehydrated in less than a day. I drink tons of water regardless. But I’m usually a higher vg type of gal but if the flavor % is low then I tend to bump the PG ratio up a tad so the flavor can shine a bit better that works for me.

I’m still trying to find my sweet spot too. But i tend to go with either 50/50 or 60/40 pg/vg in my aspire nautilus cause it don’t seem to like high vg. But since i have bought a IGO-W7 i like around 30/70 pg/vg. Still have to blend up some higher vg mixes to see if thats what i like. Have noticed too higher pg irritates my throat.

For me high VG make me cough too, I don’t know why.I find 50/50 to be the best option.

I don’t use any kind of RBA yet, so for me a 70/30 to 60/40 pg/vg mix seems to give me the best combo of flavor and vapor. I’m not PG sensitive either, so I’ve done as much as 80/20 in some mixes, but I’ve decided I like a little more vg than that. :smile:

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70/30 vg/pg. Any more vg than that and I get congested and any more pg than that I get a sore throat .

I like 50/50 in my Nautilus

But in my RDA’s I’ve just switched to 70/30 VG/PG and it makes a massive difference compared to 50/50.

When I was using up the last of my 50/50 ADV I was getting quite a scratchy throat.

Now I’m hitting 70%VG it’s not scratchy any more.


80/20 - VG/PG with 3mg nic is my preference using a Herakles tank on an iStick 50W battery.