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Watt's Up?

I’ve been using a Voopoo Drag for years with Fireluke Mesh and Mesh Pro tanks. I find that 80 Watts delivers the vapor and taste I like but wonder if I should be trying other settings. The mod can also be set to SS and a temp but I’ve never tried it. Am I missing out?



If you like what you vape, what would you be missing out?

Personally I vape TC on SS coils because I like a consistent vape and I hate dry hits… but to each his own. Go and play with your settings and stick to what you like best.


What he said. You can try higher/lower see what you prefer. Plus sometimes certain flavors and/or recipes can favor higher or lower wattages, and some (like chocolates) can burn or taste burnt at higher wattages as well.


If you don’t play you’ll never know if it can get any better. Your mods and coils are tools, find the best way to utilize them to your tastes. That’s the beauty of vaping, it can be tailored to your personal optimal experience.


You are definately missing out. Of course, what they said too. do what you like but it sounds like you need to try an RDA with a Fused Clapton Coil to boot. Here is a link to some of the best RDA’s on the market.

Of course almost any RDA will work.