Wax/ Oil in an RDA

So, I know they make the special RDA’s with ceramic donuts for dabs and such, but has anyone had success with just regular wire?

I have tried multiple things from stovetop coils to ice cream cone coils, and the wax just does not burn, efficiently.

Is there anything that people are doing out there to make this more doable?

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As far as i know people are having good experiences with EJ mix, wax liquifier and whatever these liquids are called. They are a mix of different PGs and PEGs and you can dissolve 1g of wax in 1ml of this liquid.


Hmmmmm, are they safe/ do they fully dissolve the wax?

I have never heard of this, but it seems like a possible solution.

I was more just looking to use the solid particulate, itself.

I have given thought to trying the Magic Butter machine , heard reports that it works really well.

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Just check it out on youtube, there are plenty of videos. It appears to dissolve completely depending on the wax. Shatter or BHO working well because they don’t have any plant matter left.
No idea about using solids but maybe there are suitable mini vaporizers available by now.

Some of these videos are really funny. These guys cook up their waxes or whatever and then fill it in some 2007 vapestick cartomizer thingy and vape all day on a ml or 2. I’ve seen RDA setups where a milliliter wouldn’t even wet the cotton properly.

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Just ended up doing a tornado shape and angled it down.


No splatter and none wasted via drip.

Very pleasantly surprised with its efficiency, just kind of threw it together!


I just use a standard SS compressed coil at lowish wattage. I put the wax inside the coil and have no issues. Very little drip residue. Oils I tend to just paint on the outer part of the coil. They vaporize fast enough again no drip residue. Not a lot of clouds, but you can tell it worked after. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


These were exactly my results.

I find that blasting it at 9v (if you can afford it) is just a tad better. Kind of like a red hot nail, we blast it on rigs as well (in reference to the temperature being high), so I kind of applied it to this.

Both are unnecessary as it does not take that much power to get it to vaporize, just my preference.

For friend we put together on a postless RDA with a notch coil (This maybe the only thing they are good for) he put cotton under the coil on the deck. It works loading wax into the center of the coil. Is it a be all, end all, I don’t think I would go that far.

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