Way to find good recipes

Hi guys! this is my 1st post since I’ve joined on ELR.

I’ve made this post just because I hate to spend money to make recipes that are bad. Since I’ve joined here I’ve made more than 20 recipes most of them doesn’t even worth to be on public. I don’t know why many recipes got 5 stars and positive comments but I think this should change somehow. Speaking for myself I kinda trained to avoid bad recipes but many other new members are gonna spend their money for no reason.


welcome to the forum !!!

heres the thing about diy , there is no magic stick that is going to allow a person to find good recipes , its trial and error until YOU learn what you like and once you learn the flavors and their profiles and how to mix them , then you will be able to look at a recipe and tell if it may be one that you will like, the top rated recipes are a good starting point but even then they may not appeal to you , like i said its all trial and error and a person will get out of it what they put into it


My advice: Find a recipe you like - Follow that user - See who the user follows, and what he rates and comments on :slight_smile: Expand to the next level of users :slight_smile:

Then when you have mixed for a while, you sort of know, just by looking at it, if a recipe could be good :slight_smile:


Interesting, I see that you’ve been on elr since 2016. Are you having actual problems with recipies or are you stating something that you see?

I ask this because I don’t trust anything rated 5 stars. But I do look at all recipies as an inspiration point. I look at the percents and ask…do these look right? Then, do I see what this person is doing with the flavors and will work for me? Then since I almost never have everything I determine if I can adapt to make myself happy.

There is a learning curve. It takes practice…but I stared doing that right at the start and have been very happy. I love it that people share their mixes.

Have you tried looking at all those 5 star recipies from the folks from Greece? There are a ton of them? Maybe those will fit your flavor profile?


Welcome vagdal!
This is somethink that we discust again and again but hey this is the good and the bad with the democracy! Unfortunately i think this is the way that all we learn after all. Trial and errors. Do you have any though how this can be change? Every one will be happy to hear somethink new and fresh. Sorry for my english I’m Greek too by the way.


I started mixing in April, honestly I’ve. Not mixed a bad recipe yet.

I buy flavors I like then I see what I can make…

I first started with single flavor recipes , with the flavors I bought that I liked.

Then I used my stash to see what I could make…

Think I have 20+ flavors mixed up right now that I enjoy vaping…

You got to crawl before you walk

So my advice is first order flavors you like. Try them first as a single flavor recipe.

Then see what you can make from your flavors.

Also som flavors need to sit and age befor they are good

For example this recipe I didn’t like until 1 week later


He doesn’t have problem for him self but he try to start a discussion how the thinks can change for the new members. If I understand correctly.


Welcome to ELR!
The way I do it, is just look at the recipe and think: head note? Does it have a head note I like? Body? Accents? Are the percentages correct? I thouroghly analyze it and then go for it… follow that user and see il he has done something else I might like as @daath said.
But you’ll learn most of these things with experience and mixing, sorry no shortcuts, but we’re here to help in avoiding some mistakes. :+1:


Firstly, welcome to the forum, good to have you here and great thread :+1:

This is a difficult one, I know what your saying but taste is, as they say, subjective.

Agreed, there seems to be a lot of “boosting” going on with the ratings and @daath has put some measures in place recently to try and kerb this, for example, you have to comment to rate a recipe.

Unfortunately, that’s the nature of the internet, not much can be done about that but here on the forum side we will always try to help those that ask, if they make it over here, maybe that’s the best way to try and save some money.

DIY is a lengthy trial and error process and you will learn a lot more the hard way, however, if you can ignore ratings and ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I like flavour wise?
  • Have I vaped something I liked before?

You can really narrow down your search for your first successful DIY venture.

Most people tend to find a store bought e-liquid that they loved before venturing into DIY and being able to reproduce this or find a good clone can sometimes help by having a flavour you can fall back on.

Peace :v:


True dat. I have made many 5 :star:️S in the past that where definitely not a 5 some not even a one. At least it was a learning experience with some flavors. I do 10ml tester on anything so I am not out to much if I don’t like it. I am a VBIC pepper taster :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::-1:t2:In my journey fruits and candies were much easier. Going down the bakery trail now and I am an impatient person so I hate steeping times. Still just scratching the surface on bakeries. Group boosting can be an issue with some recipes as I have learned. I play golf so I reference mixing to that. The more I practice, the better I get, but I don’t think I will ever make it to the PGA tour. I also buy new flavors like I buy golf equipment. Thinking I can buy a better recipe, just like I try to buy a better golf game. Some do make both better but nothing earth shattering. Still, I very very rarely buy ejuice anymore. That money I can spend on more flavors.


I started this thread just for the new members and not myself because as I said before I’ve learned by my faults :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe that is good to share our ideas and maybe we can find a good way to help ELR and make it easier for people that are new on DIY to learn faster.

I’m trying to find a good suggestion on rating system or a way for members to not share every single recipe that they have found on internet or is too old. Maybe another idea is admin to pick 5-10 of the top ELR mixers and let them approve or not all the new recipes before go on public. I think that many will disagree with it but it’s an idea :relaxed:


This has been discussed a lot and I believe a new system is in the works, its a big job though so don’t expect anything soon.

The whole idea behind ELR is for people to be able to share their mixes freely, unfortunately, like everything on the internet, it turns into a competition and everyone wants that “online fame”.


Sorry Grubby I wasn’t that active on forum so I didn’t know that you already discussed about this.
I started this just because I wanted to share our ideas as community and help.
You can lock my thread :slight_smile:

PS I did a wrong quote on my last msg.

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Never be sorry.

I know, I was just letting you know.

You can if you want to, leave direct feedback / suggestions here:

ELR needs this. Thankyou

I can’t and I would not, its a good thread.

Hope that makes sense :+1:


@vagdal, welcome to ELR. I personally don’t agree with the 1-5 rating system for anything. There is not enough room to be accurate. I’ve been mixing for a year and a half or so, and just recently posted a few recipes. Some folks have tried some of them and gave them 5 stars. I’m flattered, but my recipes are original to me and I’ve never copied another recipe. For example, I think I make a GREAT if not the best Lasagna I’ve eaten from any Italian restaurant …my Wife thinks it’s so so. Hahaha. If you like it, then it’s a winner!


Before I start the thread I tried to find the feedback button but I couldn’t (maybe I was blind) then I said it’s ok maybe it’s better to throw this on forum and see if other people got some good ideas!


Wow what a thread to read on my first night of mixing.
Ok now that I got that over with (yep made a few boo boo’s) I will be paying a lot more attention to the simple stuff.
Great read guys.
Knowing what to look for is very helpful.


Just as flavors are subjective to each person, the corresponding ratings will also be subjective. I don’t know if there is a way to fix this. For example, I know I like custards and bakery. I gravitate towards those ingredients and recipes. Most of those would get higher ratings from me as I tend to like them. But, just because I rate something a 4, if you don’t like the same taste as me, you may see the same recipe as a 2 or 1.
The point here is that EVERYONE should not use the rating system alone to determine what is good or bad. It should just be a starting point ONCE you have determined your particular taste. Once your taste have been identified, then you move along those lines and adjust accordingly.


You know, it kind of just dawned on me. The like system that we have in place on the forum, where it shows who has liked a certain post, that would be really neat for recipes instead of the star rating system. I fully understand it would be a pain to get rid of stars, and implement a like (and who was it liked by) type system, and that the forum software is different than the recipe side, I just think that would be neat. It would obviously cancel out a lot of those stellar recipes that had 5 stars, so I understand it’s not quite do-able.


im sorry i am also , but only tpa and if i go too high with LB but i can take the LB to 3pct so that more than enough , have you tried the LB VIC