Weather Down South

High today supposed to be near 80f. But the pics below tell the real story. Second week of February should not be the time my peach tree starts to bloom. One good frost and no peaches this year.


Blooming this early the odds are they are not going to avoid frost damage even that far south. The weather has ben crazy warm up here as well. In the 20’s and 30’s a few days and then up to 40’s 50’s and even a few 60 degree days in the mix. Crazy weather we are having for sure. I bet March is going to be nasty.


Here you go so you can see how crazy this is.


Yesterday we went to wally world in Sanger it’s about 12 miles from us, and on the way home we decided to take the back way and there are orchards all over the way home that looked like they were whip cream or Pepto Bismal


Man crazy weather everywhere - 3 days ago it was 40c (104f), 2 days ago it was 43c (109f) yesterday it was 20c (68f) and today it is 18 (64f) it is just mad.