Website selling users recipes

I hear on the grapevine that there has been an indication that ELR has intentions to sell users recipes to an E-liquid Company for them to then sell as ‘one shots’ or bottle shots or in fact as high priced commercial juices.

Is there any truth to this rumour? and if it is true can the user that created the recipe expect any compensation for the recipe sold?


You are probably referring to this:

The recipes here are public, so nothing would need to be sold for sites like this to pick them up. In principle it’s kind of shitty, but completely legit as far as I know.


Hey!? No Slut-shaming! We’re not prostis :wink: We all benefit more from the levels of complete sharing than money to be made from selling commercially. If you think about the business strategy involved, anyone selling e-juice online would rank the simple recipe as the least complicated part of their online presence and product delivery …still a valid topic, so thanks


I’m 5 and what is this?

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No truth. Tony from Vapour Depot asked if they could collect some “mixing packs”. A pack with separate flavorings that you then could use to mix a recipe. I said OK to that. We never discussed one-shots.

I’ve asked them to take the one-shots down until we can find a solution.


thanks for the clarification, i should edit my original post, i didn’t mean elr were selling users recipes, that was a very poor choice of word, what i meant was elr ‘allowing’ users recipes to be used and sold by a commercial company.

Thanks for the clarification though

Personally, I pray each night that someone sell my mixes so 1) I could see how much value me mixing it adds, 2) have a second source should I become too busy or ill, etc… 3) share the love.

As far as I am concerned, a public recipe is public. It’s is the property of billions of humans who can value it as they may, and I mean that with global values applied. It would tickle me pink if someone made a killing on my recipe. If I cared, it wouldn’t be public.