Weight after mixing

I’m now mixing with a digital scale and after I put my concocktion in the bottle it weigh’s less than it should. I’m using the 1ml to 1gm when I add my ingredients, clear tare every time and clear after I set the bottle on the scale. Bottle weight is short any where from .8 to 1.4 ml on every bottle I’ve done so far.

If you have your preference set to measure in grams the calculator will tell how much to put in in grams. Some flavors are a little heavier than 1 g/ ml. Vg is also heavier.


If you are using a scale, why would you put your ‘concoction in the bottle’ before you put the bottle on the scale? Either I’m not understanding what you wrote, or you are not doing this right. lol

How I mix by weight:

#1 - put bottle on scale
#2 - turn scale on - weight should show as ‘00.00’
#3 - drip ingredient in bottle until scale shows the weight I need that ingredient to be according to recipe.
#4 - Press ‘Tare’ button. weight should show as ‘00.00’ again.
#5 - Repeat #3 and #4 until all ingredients are in the bottle.