Weight of flavors on this site

Hi new to diy waiting for supplies to come. Decided I’m gonna mix on a scale by weight. Are the g/ml used on this site specific for each flavor and brand or is the same value assigned to all pg based flavorings?
Also does it matter that much or am I going overboard?


PG and flavorings are close to 1 gram which is equal to 1 ml of water which is the standard. VG is heavier than both. Some don’t mind pg and flavors being slightly plus or minus. For those that do mind you can set your calculator to weigh by the manufacturers specific gravity weight. To do so you go to “my page” and click on “users” in the upper right corner, then click “preferences” and check the box next to “Use manufacturer specific gravities”. The calculator will the then use the correct weight for each flavor if it has an MSDS Sheet attached. It will also calculate the correct pg/vg and nic weight.

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Got it thanks

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Just like @Pro_Vapes writes - but I suggest you read this thread and reconsider using specific gravities for flavorings:

Basically, if you use specific gravities, you’re not gonna get the same results as the majority of people, whom use the default of 1 g/ml for flavoring :slight_smile: Just a thought!

Yeah, I changed my tune on that one. I was using the mfg specific, but changed to 1g/ml for them. It made keeping track of my recipes in my spreadsheet a lot easier and like you said, it translates better if your goal is to share or use other people’s recipes. I still hold the opinion that it doesn’t matter all that much in the end, but no matter. :stuck_out_tongue:


When you do not use the manufacturer specific gravity do you have any consideration for the added weight of VG seeing that it is heavier than PG? DId I say that right?

I don’t understand - regardless of manufacturer specific gravity, on ELR VG is weighed as 1.26 g/ml :smile:

That is exactly what I wanted to know…Thanks @daath