Weight of flavours

Hi guys,

Just a quick as I’ve been using the calc on here and find it great, I usually do all by weight now.

My question is do I need to change the weight of flavours or leave all at 1mg, also do i or can I change the Nic weight as I use 72% VG for the nicotine and seen on some places that the weight is different from other percentages???

Been having a play with the DIY E juice one also, like it for storing and ingredients I have, nice, but seams slightly off to the calc on here in weight.

I can see the flavours have different weights sometimes, confused a bit hahhahahha

I have it set on here just as 1mg works OK, but am I dong it right as I follow the great recipes on here, just newish to this vape and feeling my way around.

Apologies for this, but dont want to get what everyone gets using there flavours!!!

Im not sure what you mean here…

Nic weight is calculated for you

Can you link me to that please

Different weights? Per gram?

Can you please explain what you have set to 1mg…

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Are you speaking of specific gravities (SG)? The way ELR is set up normally, is it uses the actual SG of PG/VG and then just leaves the SG of the flavors @ 1. (1ml=1g)
The SG of VG is 1.26, so it’s about 1/4 heavier than water and a lot more accurate when measuring by weight. As far as flavors are concerned, the majority of them have an SG of 1, give or take .05. These discrepancies are so small, that there really isn’t a reason to use their actual SGs.

I suppose if you are super anal and want to use the SGs on all your flavors, you could. It’s just nearly impossible to find the SG on extremely tedious and for the most part, pointless.

I am not sure if this is what you are asking, but if it is, I would suggest just using the SGs for your VG/PG and leave your flavors at 1


taken from Botboy141 ‘‘Guide to Mixing By Weight’’

The basic values that you need to know for mixing by weight are below.

Weight of PG: 1.038 grams per ml
Weight of VG: 1.26 grams per ml
Weight of Pure Nicotine: 1.01 grams per ml

Weight of 100mg in PG: 1.035 grams per ml
Weight of 60mg in PG: 1.03632 grams per ml
Weight of 50mg in PG: 1.0366 grams per ml
Weight of 48mg in PG: 1.036656 grams per ml
Weight of 36mg in PG: 1.036992 grams per ml
Weight of 24mg in PG: 1.037328 grams per ml

Weight of 100mg in VG: 1.235 grams per ml
Weight of 60mg in VG: 1.245 grams per ml
Weight of 50mg in VG: 1.2475 grams per ml
Weight of 48mg in VG: 1.248 grams per ml
Weight of 36mg in VG: 1.251 grams per ml
Weight of 24mg in VG: 1.254 grams per ml

If you have a mix of Nicotine that is not listed above the calculation is fairly simple:

48mg VG based nicotine solution. That’s 4.8% pure nicotine and 95.2%
pure VG. Pure nicotine weighs 1.01g/ml and Pure VG weights 1.26g/ml.
Let’s assume we have 100ml for simplicity with decimal points.

4.8 x 1.01 = 4.848 grams. 95.2 x 1.26 = 119.952 grams. If we add
these two together: 4.848 + 119.952 = 124.8 grams. Divide it by 100 and
we have our weight per ml for 48mg nic. 124.8 / 100 = 1.248 g/ml. This
same breakdown can be done for 50/50 blends, just know that the non pure
nicotine portion of your base is split 50/50, for example, 60ml in
50/50 mix = 6% pure nic, 94% left over = 47% VG, 47% PG.

When it comes to flavors, there are a couple of thoughts/theories
surrounding mixing by weight when dealing with flavors. Many people
enter the specific gravity as indicated on an MSDS for every flavor that
they have. I feel this is a complete waste of time. After searching
hundreds of MSDS sheets for flavors, all flavors fall into a range of
.93g per ml to 1.07g per ml.

In order to achieve personal consistency for your juices though, all
that is relevant is that you use the SAME value, every time for any
given flavor. I simply use a value of 1. This means that whether or not
my flavors actually weigh 1 gram per ml, I always pretend they do.
Percentages in any given recipe of mine will always be the exact same
for me, however, if I am trying to recreate someone elses recipe, or
they are mixing mine, there’s a chance I’ll be off a little bit (no more
than 7% which is about the margin of error most people get when mixing
by volume).


I was about to do a long drawn out post about how percentages in a recipe are divided BUT @anon88729607 & @DarthVapor just posted some extremely useful information, thanks guys! :wink:


Hi Guys much appreciated the advice, yes sorry SG was was what I was try to convey, so ill leave as is and again thank you

My nic is 72MG (7.2% VG

The link to the other DIY Calc is: -

again appreciate all your time and effort to help out a fellow member

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I will say that out of the 1000s of flavors I have, there are a handful that have a very high SG. CAP’s yellow peach for example, has an SG of something like 1.5! So as long as I am consistent and using the same calculations for each and every recipe, I am ok. I just remember that the yellow peach is a lot heavier than most flavors. So I use that information when I come up with my percentages, since I still keep my SGs at one. So where most flavors take, say, 5 drops to get .10g, the yellow peach will only take 3 drops. Meaning I may need to raise the % a bit, only because it is heavier (or visa versa)

I’m sure I just confused the topic even more, haha


The 90’s just called, they want their website back! :joy:

Is it even possible to change the SG on ELR?

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Nice thanks

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Yea Grubby go to your flavour stash from the user at top right

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Oh i see, mine are all empty… lol

I guess if you have some obscure flavour that is super heavy… Maybe your mixing up some Mercury Custard or Gallium Grenola… You would need to change that…

LOL yea i was looking to deep I guess, Just needed clarification and you guys always come up trumps

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Another thing to point out is that most other users stick with the default values for their flavorings, so if you like to try other recipes and want to duplicate the results, you should leave the SG alone. Really, what matters is consistency in all YOUR mixes. If you enjoy what you’ve been mixing, keep the values as is for the same results.

Thank you, on here they the same, Just asking as was playing with the DIY one, as it stores all the recipes and ingredients will point out if you don’t have an ingredient or set a level to say you low.

Ive sort of wiped out the ingredients and popped my own in with the defaults for the flavours are showing 1mg so thats good

I never quit learning around here. Good information

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I agree yes always something new and someone got a better way of doing it, thats what I like, also very friendly ND NOT DEMEANING attitude when well like me say stupid things hahhaha

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The default on ELR if you don’t change it for flavors is 1 g/ml. You have to go in and check the box that says “Use manufacturer specific gravities” if you want it to do that. Most flavors in the database have a mfg SG so if you check that box it’ll use what is in the database. If it’s not in the database it will use 1. If you go into your flavor stash and change it, I believe it will prefer whatever you set it to regardless of what you have your preference set to. I also leave it at default 1g/ml. Easier and more universal and works with my spreadsheet.

PG and VG on ELR are calculated at their proper SGs. Nicotine weight is calculated based on the % of PG and VG and doesn’t take into consideration the weight of the nicotine (I believe), which is pretty negligible.

If you enter all your flavors into your stash on ELR (in the correct format and choosing the one with the highest number of recipes) and you put in a price and bottle size for them, then you can click the little ? next to the price on a recipe and it will highlight the flavors you are missing. (Also, you can put in price and bottle size for nic, pg, and vg and it will show you how much it costs to make a bottle of a recipe of a certain size.) If it shows you’re missing a flavor you know you have, either they’ve got it input wrong in the recipe, you have it wrong in your stash, or you didn’t put price and bottle size in.


Thanks JoJo,

Yea was just confusing regarding the other calculator that I was playing with, but I deleted all the flavours and added my stash in and left at default 1mg fo the flavours, Like its been said as long as I stay consistent with the recipes and then im good lol.

But thanks to you all for all your input and its all made great sense so Ill be keeping just like the rest of you guys

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