Weird feeling from certain flavors

I am pretty sure Sugar Daddy has a little Sucralose in it.
Sugar Mama does not.


Now this has me VERY intrigued. I developed tinnitus about 7 years ago. Some days/nights are much worse than others. When I read your posts it dawned on me that it’s been less “noisy” lately. I started using Sugar Mama sweetener recently. Boy, if the sucralose is what has been the issue all along…You just made my day. I would give anything for a night of peace! I am going to make it a point to not use any sweetener for awhile and see what happens. I would be SO freaking thrilled. Tinnitus is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

Oh I do want to add this in the event it could possibly help someone else. Years ago my Doc said to try taking Vinpocetine in the evening with dinner. He said 90mg. Well, I wasn’t going to take that much but I did do 30mg and it does seem to reduce the noise level. Maybe only 20% or so but every little bit helps and you have to be consistent with it. So if someone wants, they can look up Vinpocetine and maybe try it.

I can only find it in 10mg pills, so that’s why I kept it at 30mg. I can’t imagine having to take 9 pills with dinner lol. Plus I don’t feel enough is known about it where I want to take that much. That’s simply my personal feeling though.


Do you all know what amount of surculose is in sugar daddy? I haven’t been having any issues since switching to it. I’m really confused now lol. Maybe I will give sugar mama a try too. I hope you get some relief from no sweetener! Mine got super super bad with TFA and cap. Like my one ear (left) would get to the point it sounded clogged from water or something. The other ear (right) ringing very loud. If I switched to non sweet juice the effects would go away after a few hours. Then if I dripped just a little juice with sweetener on my coil I could feel/hear the tinittus start kicking back in. But if I took a day off of sweetener then vaping sweetener would take a few hours for the tinittus to start coming back. Really weird and hard to test lol.


From what I found a guy out of Canada developed it won’t give the % but he says Sugar Daddy has Sucralose, EM, Stevia, Distilled Water, and Erytritol. It is also VG based.
Sugar Mama has no Sucralose but doesn’t say what the remaining ingredients are in it.


Maybe it’s more stevia in it than surculose? It’s odd I can vape it all day without the same symptoms. Not denying there is surculose in it but it’s weirding me out lmao.


I think @Pastorfuzz reflects my knowledge and presents facts a tad more directly than I do,


Its so weird you say this. I have high blood pressure - and from time to time my ears also pop and ring from Tinnitus. But this is common with high blood pressure, for me I have to watch my nicotine intake - so I vape really low nic (Nic raises blood pressure). So it would be interesting to hear if you are on blood pressure meds, and what your blood pressure reading is - especially when the Tinnitus kicks in.


I was thinking things like this as well. Also maybe a sinus infection. Here is the weird part though. With the sweeteners it takes probably 2 hours of me vaping to feel the tinittus. Like my normal amount of vaping lol not 2 hours non stop.

But then if I stop with sweeteners the tinittus lasts for hours after stopping. Just slowly goes away. But if I vape sweetener during this time it ramps the tinittus right back up on blast.

But if I don’t vape sweetener for a day or two it’s back to those juices taking a couple hours of vaping to experience the tinittus again.

This was part of why it was so hard to track down to sweetener. Since it takes hours to experience the problem and hours for it to go away it’s hard to tell what is causing it in a mix.

But I’ve literally not had the tinittus like this since dropping cap ss and TFA sweetener.


Ok, so its the sweetener then that is causing it - but more importantly what is happening in your system, that is causing this tinnitus. Do you have a Blood Pressure machine? Also your blood sugar - have you got readings on this? I know this sounds OTT, but go check those vitals out - you never know, you might be at the cusp of your sugar levels or blood pressure levels, and the sweetener is sending you off a cliff. Its easy, you just take out the sugar in your vape. But if it is hinting towards a more serious problem, then this can be an early indicator.


I’m honestly pretty set on it literally being the sweeteners affecting my sinuses. Almost like it is coating them and gives me tinittus while it sits on the mucus membranes. Because if I vape no sweetener as I have the weird feelings i can almost feel the non sweet juice sort of ease the symptoms as it flows through my sinuses. I do check my BP about once a month and get my yearly physicals with blood work. Everything comes back in normal ranges except sometime my “bad” cholesterol is like barely in the risk range or whatever they call it lol. And I workout regularly. And am crazy about counting calories because I hate eating lol. I sometimes get tinittus randomly but it’s usually just a few minutes from pressure changes.


Aaah, now i’m with you. If there is no history of this - then I agree with your decision. You need to stop eating potato chips and get your cholesterol down, and also stop snorting your sweetener… then you should be fine. :grin: :v:


Lmao it’s probably all the damn bacon I eat! Na but thanks for the ideas on checking my health. You never know!