Weird feeling from certain flavors

Hi all, new to the DIY as you probably know.

I have had something weird happen.

I mixed up a peach mango juice.

When I vape it I get a weird feeling in my head like it’s fuzzy in my sinuses. And my ears feel like they are popped. I was worried it was my new nic but upon further testing it seems to be either Capellas Juicy Peach or Capellas sweet mango as this is the only juice that does it and the only one I’ve made with those flavors.

After reading around I see their sweet mango might not be the best option around. But I am a little hesitant to test with either any further as that it seems like a bad side effect to feel.

Have any of you experienced anything similar.

Also any recommendations on a good peach mango?

Edit to add the recipe I used


Welcome to the community @VapeGnarly333 …, not sure of what u r feeling…, never experienced tht…, allI can think is maybe the 2 sweet flavors… maybe try like… switching the strawberry %, & maybe upping the sweet…ok… sry… hold on… r u wanting the flavor mango dominant or strawberry?


Really want it to be more of just peach mango, the strawberry here just didn’t sound like a bad twist to it lol.

Do you have any recommendations to replace the Capellas mango and peach. I’m worried to try them again as it almost seems like a reaction to something in one of them. I should probably check their ingredient profiles to see if anything stands out.


@VapeGnarly333 Do u have Juicy Peach(TFA)?


So don’t laugh lol but I in all my excitement forgot I ordered a couple of most flavors just in case. Just checked and I have TFA juicy peach and also their regular Mango. Maybe I should give those a whirl


Not so sure with TPAmango(I haven’ttried it.)…, I would leave CAP sweet mango…


But…, do u have a 10, 15 or 30ml bottle for testing? I’m @ work rn, or I would try this out for u… do u have cotton candy(TFA)


I have a lot of 30ml. I’ve just been making some 10ml mixes in them though for testing. About to go to bed myself for work in the morning. Will probably mix something up when I get home tomorrow. No cotton candy, I have Cap Marshmallows, and Cap whipped cream though.


Have a good night… tomorrow maybe, try 5%(TFA) juicy peacn, 2%(CAP) sweet mango, 4%(TFA) strawberry ripe, 2%(CAP) strawberry sweet & 1.5%(CAP) marshmallow & let me kmow how tht works…, as far as a marshmallow, I would really reccomend TFA or FA @ 2%


You will never know if it was actually a flavor that caused the issue until you individually sft each flavor.


Back in the day, we used to pay good money to feel like that! :sunglasses:


I can’t contribute anything helpful, never had that experience. The peach flavors I use are Peach (Flavorah) and White Peach (FA) together.


Whenever I vape new flavors I can’t sleep and have wild vivid dreams. I get funny feelings like u explained with some flavorings and the ear pop/pressure thing too, I’ve found pg can do it to me and think it may be blood pressure related. Who knows. Artificial flavorings are chemicals after all, and I’m sure if we seen how some are made we wouldn’t ingest them :joy:


So after a bunch of testing I think you are spot on with the PG. I sometimes get minor ear ringing or a head rush from nic. But this was really weird. I Have cut out Central Vapors PG and have been using all the same flavors and no problem now. After the quality of the nic I got from them I wouldn’t doubt cheap sourcing on their PG as well.


So I wanted to update this thread on what was causing my terrible tinittus when vaping DIY ejuice.

After a lot of experiments with low PG, low VG, no nic, no flavors, etc. I figured out that the juices causing issues were the ones with either super sweet or TFA sweetener. I really didn’t think these would be the problem since so many people use them and I thought commercial juices use them, but maybe not?

As soon as I dropped those from my recipes the tinittus has stopped!

I ordered some sugar daddy sweetener to test with something that might not have surculose in it. It seems like it must not as still no tinittus using it.

This isn’t an ad spot. I just read about a lot of tinittus peeps around vaping during my research and wanted to share in case it helps any other people with this tinittus issue.


Thank you for the follow up, sir


Perhaps you can be sensitive to some of the components, since they are very used flavors.
You can check the components on the flavors’ own MSDS pages (I think).
Excuse my grammar, I use the translator…


For sure. Just so weird it is the sweeteners that seem so popular. I thought commercial juice used a lot of surculose but I have never gotten tinittus from them. I only found one other resource online about consuming surculose causing tinittus but nothing about vaping it. Also I’ve been through the ropes with different VG and PG and nic vendors. Always the surculose sweetener that does it.


I’m glad you got to the bottom of this. Thank you for the follow up. I have had Tinnitus for years. I will have to experiment dropping those two, and any other sweeteners that are basically the same as those, and see if my Tinnitus improves. I really like the Super sweet. I don’t use very much but I use it in every third or so recipes.

Even if this info were to help only one or two other people, it is still an incredible thing. Living with Tinnitus suck. I sucks even more than life without Super sweet :sweat_smile:

Oh uh…I think :thinking:


@VapeGnarly333 Glad you found what was affecting you. Our bodies and brains can be so unique in the way they handle what we put into them. Fingers crossed that other sweeteners work for you.